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For each tattoo that NLE Choppa receives, he has a dedicated tattoo artist.

For each tattoo that NLE Choppa receives, he has a dedicated tattoo artist.

NLE Choppa, real name Bryson Lashun Potts, can’t even keep track of all the tattoos on his body. Still, each tattoo the rapper has on him has a special significance.

The Shotta Flow rapper has a personal tattoo artist who inks him and does body art for his loved ones and family.

To learn more about the rapper’s tattoos, their secret meanings, and their sources of inspiration, keep scrolling.

NLE Choppa’s Adoration of Tattoos

NLE Choppa’s body is covered with some intriguing and alluring tattoos that relate to his personal and professional life. Some of his designs are inspired by family values, while others highlight his career highlights.

The gifted tattoo artist declared that he would never allow the needle to touch his face, no matter how many body ink patterns he chooses to acquire on his body.

He has tattoos of his grandfather, father, mother, and even brother. In addition, NLE Choppa has a tattoo on his right forearm that says “Cottonwood” to symbolize his hometown, which has two shattered hearts rather of a double “OO” in the wood.

Choppa openly admitted that he had always wanted to get inked during a GQ interview about his tattoos.

The rapper also has the “TOP SHOTTA” tattoo on his stomach, which has two handguns on either side of the word to honor the success of his certified platinum single “Shotta Flow.” Additionally, he has body art of role models like Al Pacino, Tupac, and Bob Marley on him.

The lone man responsible for his significant tattoo

NLE Choppa, a fervent tattoo enthusiast, revealed that he has a unique tattoo artist who has inked much of his body. Dennis Estrada, a co-owner of Wrist Tattoo Work, was the artist responsible for his profound ink. The tattoo artist showcased his incredible job on NLE Choppa in a video posted on his Instagram account.

According to the rapper, his tattoo artist would travel two hours to meet him and was always available.

When asked which of his tattoos he preferred, the rapper firmly said that his favorite was a more recent one on his neck. The tattoo’s big letters read “NLE,” which stands for NO LOVE ENTERTAINMENT, his company’s name and label, and was also created by his tattoo pal Estrada.

The neck tattoo was finished in approximately “an hour and thirty, possibly two hours,” he said. NLE Choppa wanted his tattoo to stand out and be clear, so he chose a bold font that would do just that.

NLE Choppa covered off his tattoos.

Along with tattoos honoring his family, NLE Choppa also had the names of his ex-partners inked on him. His ex-name, girlfriend’s “Mariah,” was tattooed on his neck.

It appears that the young rapper updated his “Mariah” tattoo after their relationship ended. The “Mariah” tattoo was absent from his GQ interview when he described all of his body art, maybe because it was covered up by a rose flower neck tattoo.

Behind his right ear, he also has an “Angels” tattoo on his neck.

The rapper thought that angels protected him and led him in the proper direction.

Before deciding to split up in November 2019, the couple was unbreakable and took their relationship really seriously. To show their love for one another, the couple got matching tattoos. Just two years ago, the Memphis rapper got “Mariah” tattooed.

The rapper got a tattoo of his ex-name girlfriend on the back of his neck, but Mariah took it a step further by getting the rapper’s face inscribed on her back.

Additionally, the former lovers are also the parents of Clover Brylie Potts, a stunning baby girl.

Well, a needle hasn’t even touched one of his sleeves yet. Will he have the name or image of his daughter tattooed on his hands? We’ll have to wait to learn more about his future tattoo.