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Following their breakup with Mya Yafai, Young M.A. Boo found a new girlfriend.

Following their breakup with Mya Yafai, Young M.A. Boo found a new girlfriend.

Rapper Young M.A just made her new girlfriend’s Instagram relationship official with a brief video of them kissing.

On Instagram, her girlfriend Kaylah Gooden, better known as the good influence, posted brief clips of their date.

Gooden is a curator of lifestyles and an investor, according to her Instagram page. With over 51.5k followers on Instagram alone, she also has a sizable social media following.

For the first time since she broke up with her ex-girlfriend, Mya Yafai, Young M.A. has been seen out with a lover.

Young Mya Yafai and M.A.

In February 2019, Young M.A dated Yafai, an actress, and model. They showed up as Beauty and the Beast at Megan Thee Stallion’s Hottieween celebration a few months after they started dating.

In February 2020, the rapper traveled to Dubai with her ex-girlfriend to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and they stayed there for many additional weeks.

Young M.A. said their relationship was “imperfect” but ultimately “worth it” as they were still going strong.

However, word of their split only became public in March 2020. None of the parties have disclosed the specifics of what led to their breakup, therefore it is unclear what caused it.

Mya Yafai Left Davido and Moved on

When Yafai and Nigerian artist Davido visited for an event on the Caribbean island in February 2021, a video of them holding hands went viral.

When the video went viral, Davido and his entourage were vacationing in St. Maarten. As the video gained popularity, allegations that the two had been seeing one other since December 2020 spread.

Shortly after the video went viral, Young M.A. responded to her ex’s relationship with Davido during an Instagram Live session.

She claimed that she was unconcerned with and unbothered by what Yafai did with her life.

David had a romance with Chioma before starting a relationship with Yafai. The two began dating in 2017 and made their relationship known the following year.

In 2019, the singer popped the question to Chioma, and the couple also had a baby.

The two were supposed to get married in 2020, but they never said their vows.

After he was seen with Yafai, many people began to believe that they were going through a trying time in their relationship.

After Davido referred to Chioma as “MAMA IFY” while wishing her a happy birthday in April 2021, some became convinced that their relationship had terminated.