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Following mouth surgery, Jeff Garlin has grown a beard in his new comedy special.

Following mouth surgery, Jeff Garlin has grown a beard in his new comedy special.

Jeff Garlin is a producer, actor, writer, and comedian best known for portraying Murray Goldberg on ABC’s The Goldbergs and co-starring in HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The actor has also shown his family-friendly side by contributing his voice to a number of renowned Pixar characters, including Wall-Captain E’s and Toy Story’s Buttercup.

Garlin has built a reputation as a renowned comedian in the industry by continuously defying expectations of what stand-up comedy should be. He is regarded as one of the most original and surprising stand-up comedians on the circuit.

Netflix released the comedian’s special, Our Man in Chicago, two years ago, and to kick things off, the actor wanted to liven things up. Garlin donned a suit in the special and had a beard, which he discussed in his interview with GQ.

After Mouth Surgery, Jeff Garlin’s Beard

During the interview, Garlin stated that he was persuaded to wear a suit by fellow comic Jerry Seinfeld. Garlin looked funnier in a suit, according to Seinfeld, because it made him appear imprisoned. But, as Garlin pointed out, it was also about respecting the audience.

Garlin revealed that he had never had a beard before and that it was his first in 57 years. The comic added that he had mouth surgery, which made shaving tough, but he eventually got over the itching and decided he liked the look.

Fans of The Goldbergs observed a large lump in Garlin’s right lip, which they discussed in a Reddit thread, even though the actor did not go into detail about his oral surgery. They voiced concern for Garlin’s safety and attempted to learn more about his condition.

This, however, has never been verified.

Comedy Special by Jeff Garlin

Garlin was also questioned about how he came up with the ideas and issues in the same interview.

Garlin noted that his thought process differed slightly from that of most comedians, who chose topics depending on how amusing they were to the audience. Garlin listened carefully to what he was saying and chose the topics based on the message he wanted to convey.

He also stated that he wanted the audience to leave the concert with something they had learned from him. When asked how he came up with the idea for that, the comic said he depended on improvisation.

During his stand-up, Garlin is noted for smoothly combining improv with storytelling. The comedian stated that he followed his instincts and followed his feelings. As a result, he avoided overthinking and had a good time on stage, albeit he admitted that he had memorized his lines.

Netflix has Garlin’s comedy special available.