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Five Things to Know About Cherelle Watson and Brittney Griner’s RelationshipFive Things to Know About Cherelle Watson and Brittney Griner’s Relationship

Five Things to Know About Cherelle Watson and Brittney Griner’s RelationshipFive Things to Know About Cherelle Watson and Brittney Griner’s Relationship

In the Olympic gold medal game on Sunday, August 8, the American women’s basketball team defeated Japan, 90-75.

Team USA has won seven gold medals in a row, extending their Olympic winning streak to 55 games.

Brittney Griner, a center for the Phoenix Mercury, finished first with 30 points. Many supporters praised the US squad on Twitter and praised the basketball player for her effort in the match.

Due to Griner’s outstanding performance, many fans became curious in her life off the court. What is known is listed below.

Griner and Cherelle Watson are wed.

Cherelle Watson, who Griner is currently married to and who, according to her Instagram, has adopted Griner’s last name.

Watson works as a blogger and has more than 30,000 subscribers. According to her biography, she formerly attended Baylor University and is currently a law student.

She earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Political Science and Government in 2014, according to her LinkedIn page. Family and Child Studies was her minor.

The duo frequently posts images of themselves together and seems to be deeply in love.

Watson and Griner met at Baylor University.

Griner and Watson became friends while attending Baylor University. The NBA player described her first encounter with Watson and how she was immediately mesmerized by her beauty in an old anniversary post on Instagram.

The two initially dated, broke up, and then restarted their relationship when Griner’s 28-day marriage to fellow basketball player Glory Johnson ended in 2015.

The Messy Divorce of Griner

Griner was going through a very public and contentious divorce with Johnson prior to falling in love with Watson. A day after they made their pregnancy announcement, they broke the news of their split.

In the days before their wedding, Griner was accused of domestic violence, and she and Johnson were both arrested after a fight at their home. The gold medalist acknowledged her error, but not her ex-wife.

The WNBA player was hurt by this, and after they got married, she eventually requested a divorce. She further asserted that Johnson had an affair with another woman and had declined to help with the pregnancy, but the judge had other ideas.

After their divorce, Johnson gave birth to two IVF twins, and she was compelled to pay monthly child support for both of them.

Griner Re-engaged

Griner proposed to Watson three years after divorcing Johnson.

She used social media to share the good news and display Watson’s stunning diamond ring.

The athlete gushed about Watson’s support during good times and bad.

Watson expressed her happiness on social media as well, stating that Griner was a blessing in her life.

Watson and Griner on Raising Children

The couple celebrated their anniversary on July 17 and posted a loving ode to one another on social media. Griner praised Watson in her article for encouraging her to improve herself and for supporting her during her difficult times.

While this was going on, Watson joked that it would just be the two of them until they had children. She gave very little information on their plans to have children, but it seems they may have given it some thought.

The joyful couple exudes a genuine sense of love, and it appears like Griner will succeed this time around.