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Finally, Jake Paul asks Julia Rose to marry him (Kind Of)

Finally, Jake Paul asks Julia Rose to marry him (Kind Of)

Jake Paul, an internet sensation, and Julia Rose have been dating for some time. However, they only recently made their relationship public.

After letting everyone know about their relationship for a few weeks, marriage rumors have already begun to circulate.

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Jake Paul proposes to Julia Rose.

Paul was the subject of a Rose Instagram post on August 31, 2021. They were pictured cuddling close to one another in the post. Rose is pictured kissing his left cheek and giving him a behind-the-back hug. While taking the photo, Paul placed one hand on top of hers.

Her pride in her boyfriend was evident in the photo’s description. The article was published following Paul’s boxing battle against Tyron Woodley, in which the internet sensation won by a unanimous decision.

The model referred to the outcome of the fight by saying about her partner, “Tastes like another win to me. She added an all-caps sentence to further urge her not to distrust her man.

But this is when things start to get interesting. Paul’s comment appeared as the first to appear beneath the post. He prompted the engagement rumors that had already been going around for a time, “Marry me?” to Rose.

Rose had been heavily involved in the rumors around the beginning of August. Everyone observed that she had abruptly adopted his second name and changed her Instagram handle to @juliarosepaul.

Paul explained their stance at the time. Even though they weren’t legally married, he stated he planned to ask her to marry him very soon and had even purchased a “beautiful promise ring/pre-engagement ring” for her.

Since 2020, the couple has had an on-again, off-again relationship that has led to this point. Rose had a week-long affair with Harry Jowsey during one of their getaways.

Around 2017, she also dated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native Stephen McHugh. In the fourth season of the reality TV program Are You The One?, they shared a scene together.

Julia Rose: Who Is She?

Rose is a lot of things, besides the almost-fiancee of Paul.

She shares the same birthday as basketball great LeBron James (December 30, 1998). She allegedly hails from New Orleans.

She said that her passion for travel and photography inspired her to begin modeling in an interview with Beauty Lee Bar in 2017. She desired to bring art to life.

Rose also discussed her goals and where she envisioned herself in 10 and 20 years. She had aspirations to be a published model, write a book, and appear in Sports Illustrated at the time. She only desired to be content for 20 years.

Rose has succeeded in a handful of her objectives. She currently has her own magazine and has been featured as a model.

Her online adult publication, ShagMag, launched in March 2019. She co-founded the business with McHugh, and in an effort to generate attention, she even went so far as to show out her breasts during a baseball game.

The good deed was worth the lifetime ban from baseball games since it succeeded. Since then, her magazine has expanded significantly, as has her online presence; at one point, she had approximately 5 million Instagram followers. She also broadcasts a podcast by the name of The Sh*tshow.

Will Rose eventually marry one of the internet’s favorite guys and thereby cause millions of hearts to sever? We might not have to wait long for an official announcement, given the way things are moving.