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List of famous people with birthday on 25th October

Johnny Sequoyah

Johnny Sequoyah Sequoyah (25th October 2002 in Boise, Idaho, the United States) is an American actress who stepped into the industry in 2011. Moreover, she is famous for her role as Bo Adams on the NBC TV Series, Believe (2014)….

LoLa Monroe

Fershgenet Melaku aka LoLa Monroe (25th October 1986 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) is an Ethiopian-American rapper, model, and actress who stepped into the industry in 2009. Moreover, she is best known for her mixtapes Boss Bitch’s World 1 & 2….

Armani Jackson

Armani Jackson (25th October 2003 in Madison, Wisconsin, the United States) is an American actor who pursued his acting career in 2011. In fact, he gained limelight and popularity for his role as Braden Morris in a TV Series, Grey’s…

Casey Holmes

Casey Holmes is an American YouTuber and businesswoman. Further, she is acclaimed for YouTube-style and cosmetics videos. She is additionally the originator of the Women’s online Boutique. Last, in 2016, she showed up in the family dramatization, Jessica Darling’s It…

Kayce Smith

Kayce Smith (born on 25th October 1988 in Texas, United States) is an American reporter and a television host serving for NBC and ESPN. Further, she is the Multi-Media Personality at Barstool Sports and also the co-owner and hosted for…

Harvey Petito

Harvey Petito is an Australian model and movie star. He is eminent as Todd Lookalike of the motion picture, Emo the Musical. Besides, he is named under the best 20 Instagrammer influencer of Australia. Harvey Petito Single The model’s relationship…

Ivanita Lomeli

In this growing age of the internet, social media and other internet related sources had lead many people to fame in a very short interval of time. Mainly, Instagram and Youtube have dragged many people into the limelight as these…