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Father of Three Children | Secret Wife of Shannon Sharpe

Father of Three Children | Secret Wife of Shannon Sharpe

Former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe has had his fair share of failures when looking for the ideal partner. However, the three-time Super Bowl champion has not always had good luck.

To learn more about Sharpe’s previous partnerships, information about his three children, and his current relationship status, keep reading.

When it comes to love, Shannon Sharpe has struggled for a very long time.

The former Baltimore Ravens tight end has avoided making his private life public throughout the years.

However, a few things slipped between the gaps. One such occurrence occurred in 2010.

For a sexual assault claim made by his former lover Michelle Bundy, Sharpe was in the news.

The case was eventually resolved.

It appears that Bundy was accused of making up her allegations against the former football player, perhaps to attract some media attention.

Sharpe made headlines once more in 2017 after remaining silent for more than ten years when he was connected to American fashion model Nicole Murphy.

However, he got engaged to stunning fitness teacher Katy Kellner from Atlanta, Georgia, that same year, putting an end to the speculations. Unfortunately, neither of the couple’s relationships lasted very long.

When Katy posted a photo on Instagram in November 2018 showing off her growing baby bulge with the baby’s father, a fitness instructor called Marlon Byrd, the news of their separation became widely known.

In a photo taken in November 2018, Katy Kellner, Shannon’s ex-girlfriend, and her new boyfriend, the father of her child, are seen (Photo: Youtube)

It goes without saying that the Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver has struggled greatly because of previous relationships. And at 52 years old, he appears to be leading a solitary life. Still, one can only hope that he finds his ideal wife and love soon.

Father to three children, Shannon Sharpe

Shannon is the father of three kids: son Kiari, daughters Kayla and Kaley, and two unsuccessful relationships. His offspring come from a variety of connections. By 2020, his only son Kiari and oldest daughter Kayla will both be 28 years old.

Kiari, the son of a former football player, studied both biology and business management at Georgia Southern, according to Denverpost. His daughter Kaley attended Florida State with the intention of becoming a medical examiner, while Kayla studied pre-law at Georgia Southern.

However, father Shannon frequently visits the kids when they are living with their different mothers in Georgia and Florida.

Description of Shannon Sharpe’s Family & Age

Pete Sharpe and Mary Alice Dixon, two low-income parents, gave birth to Sharpe on June 26, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois.

When his parents split up when he was just three months old, his grandmother Mary Porter took care of raising him and his older brother Sterling Sharpe and his sister on a farm in rural Glenville, Georgia.

He went to Glenville High School despite the challenging circumstances. Later, he enrolled in Georgia’s Savannah State University.

He obtained a BS in criminal justice from the latter institution in 1989 on his older brother Sterling Sharpe’s advice.

His older brother Sterling Sharpe, a former wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers and a five-time All-Pro, also played American football.