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Fat Joe triumphs against Cuban Link in their feud over ‘Snitch’ paperwork.

Fat Joe triumphs against Cuban Link in their feud over ‘Snitch’ paperwork.

On August 25, 2021, Cuban Link, the founding member of Terror Squad, slammed Fat Joe on Instagram for perhaps being a snitch.

He made the claims based on papers that Star, a seasoned radio personality, posted on his YouTube channel the same day.

Joe, also known as Joey Crack, allegedly linked up with police authorities and divulged the names of those involved in a murder, according to the story.

Despite advertising the claimed information, Star and Link stated that they were unsure of its legitimacy.

“Let’s wait for the veracity of this here paperwork,” Link said, implying that people could finally understand why he couldn’t get along with the “beast.”

Only a day after rekindling his long-running feud with Joe, the 51-year-old clarified his position to his fans.

The Reaction of Fat Joe to the Rumors

Joe went live on Instagram on August 27 to address the claims of snitching and the tumultuous process. “Joey Crack the Don has never been a rat in his life,” the rapper emphasized at the start of the video.

Joe went on to say that he had never mentioned anyone’s name before and that if he did, he would kill himself.

The rap legend also revealed that he was at a different point in his life. His successful hip-hop friends advised him not to reply to the naysayers, he said. They reminded him that he was more important than the lies he had been told.

However, he seemed to feel compelled to defend himself and clarify the file’s legitimacy, which was causing undue consternation.

Joe claimed in the 59-minute video that the stated government document was the most manufactured, fake paperwork he had ever seen in human history.

The Latino superstar described the story as “disgusting,” but said that the other people named in it were real people who were serving time in prison. He stated that he was unfamiliar with all of them.

Joe voiced his displeasure with anyone who thought the paper might be authentic after clarifying the story from his perspective.

The Case of the Cuban Link Has Been Dropped

Link realized he was wrong about Joe being a snitch moments after Joe cleared his name. He said that the beef was childish and that the report was fictitious.

According to Link’s claims, he investigated the allegations but came up empty-handed. Joe, on the other hand, stood up for himself and refused to sign the bogus papers, which pleased him.

Star was named as the report’s source, and the Havana native revealed that the radio analyst was enraged since he was blamed for the entire accusation.

Furthermore, the 46-year-old claimed that Star was the one who broke the story, claiming that the video in which he initially exhibited the papers was still on his channel.