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Fat Joe and Lorena are united by love, children, and shared ethnicity.

Fat Joe and Lorena are united by love, children, and shared ethnicity.

Lorena Cartagena, an American rapper, is Fat Joe’s longtime partner.

The Bronx native has two sons, Ryan and Joey Cartagena, and a daughter called Azaryah Cartagena.

Many of their followers may not realize it, but their connection isn’t the only thing that binds them together. Continue reading to learn more about their parents’ heritage, race, and relationship facts!

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Lorena Cartagena and Fat Joe are both Hispanic.

Fat Joe’s real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena, and he and his wife Lorena Cartagena are Hispanic.

Though the vocalist of “Hands On You” is an American citizen (born and reared in The Bronx), his parents’ ancestors are from outside the country.

His father, Ernesto Delgado, is of Cuban descent, and his mother, Marie Cartagena, is a Puerto Rican.

While the rapper’s parents’ ethnicity is obvious, Lorena’s family history was cleared up thanks to the identification of her husband’s brother.

Luis Miguel Rios is her brother’s name. When you combine her surname with the fact that she frequently employs the Spanish language in her social media posts, it’s clear she’s Hispanic.

Since the 1990s, Fat Joe and his wife have been married.

Joe’s devotion to his wife is admired by his fans. Since 1995, they have been married. Azaryah Cartagena, their 14-year-old daughter, is their only child.

Joey Cartagena and Ryan Cartagena are the rapper’s other two sons, in addition to Azzy. Joey, the composer’s oldest son, suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (ASD).

Joey’s illness was discussed in depth by Xappeal in a 2010 interview. The rapper was still relatively young and hesitant to take responsibility when the eldest son was born. Joey’s mother didn’t last long, and he was left to raise Joey with his dad.

The father of three now refers to his eldest son as God’s angel and is ecstatic to have such a courageous youngster.

Lorena Cartagena appreciates her partner.

Fat Joe and his wife are a perfect couple! The couple’s affection for one other hasn’t waned despite being together for more than two decades. Indeed, if the numerous posts on Instagram are any indicator, it appears to be rising by the day.

Joe’s wife, on the other hand, is very public about her love and admiration for him. Every Father’s Day, she pours her heart out for her husband. She referred to him as her “soulmate and & one of the greatest fathers” to their children on Father’s Day in 2019. She then expressed her gratitude for his sacrifices and hard work in ensuring the happiness of the family.

It’s evident from the love-filled posts that Joe and Lorena have not only the same ethnicity but also the same level of love and respect for one another.

However, the couple has not been immune to the difficulties that come with marriage.

Lorena filed for divorce in 2012, according to Yahoo!, after learning that Joe had been cheating on her.

Fortunately, the rumor appears to have died down, as the couple continues to flaunt their family bliss on social media.