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Fascinating Wiki & Family History of Jean Currivan Trebek! Age, Husband, and Net Worth Are All Known

Fascinating Wiki & Family History of Jean Currivan Trebek! Age, Husband, and Net Worth Are All Known

Despite being married to one of the top showmen in the entertainment industry, Jean Currivan Trebek, 50, has always been a mysterious character. Despite remaining hidden from the prying eyes of Hollywood cameras, she plays an active role in her husband’s business.

In an era when Hollywood is plagued by divorces and rumors of separations, her 28-year marriage to Jeopardy presenter Alex Trebek is a remarkable success story.

Here, we’ve selected a few fascinating wikis about her in order to learn more about her family, as well as her age, married life, and a sizable net worth she shares with her spouse, Alex.

1. Jean Currivan Trebek’s Biography: Age, First Date With Future Husband

In September of 1963, Jean was born. She was raised in Huffington, New York, and little information about her early life and family members has been revealed.

In 1988, she met her husband, Alex Trebek, at a party and they hit it off right away. She was employed as a real estate project manager at the time. After the party, Alex invited her to dinner at his house, and Jean recalled the 1990 dinner date, claiming she was so scared she couldn’t even spell her own name.

However, the man who hosted Jeopardy with ‘Iron Fists’ is a giant softie on the inside, as Jean discovered when she met him.

2. Married Alex Trebek despite a 24 year age difference

Despite their 24 year age difference, they married in 1990 in L.A.’s Regency Club in a wedding attended by 150 people after two years of dating. Jean was only 26 years old at the time of their marriage, whereas her husband had already completed 50 springs.

She and her spouse purchased a 35-acre property before their wedding to build their ideal home.

Despite the fact that it was her first marriage, her husband had previously been married for seven years to Elaine Callie, with no children.

3. Life As A Married Couple With Two Children

Jean gave birth to a son, Matthew, in 1990. Their growing family was rewarded with an additional three years later when Emily, a baby girl, was born.

Emily received her bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University in 2015. She is a certified architect. She has now entered the real estate market, following in her mother’s footsteps.

Matthew, a Fordham University graduate, launched a restaurant in Amsterdam at the age of 25, just a few blocks from his $1.92 million apartments. Alex, his father, was said to have given him the million-dollar pad as a gift.

Jane, it appears, holds a stake in her son’s company, having put her money into it. It’s not just money she’s put into her children; she’s also aided them in making important decisions, whether it’s about her daughter’s real estate profession or her son’s hotel business.

4. Empire Overseen By Jane: Net Worth: 50 Million Dollars

Given her real estate history, one can only conclude that her net worth is primarily comprised of property and land assets.

In 2018, the Trebek family made a 4 million dollar profit after selling their 5,5554-square-foot property in the Hollywood Hills.

Alex Trebek, her spouse, has been presenting game shows since 1966 and has amassed a fortune as one of television’s highest-paid anchors. Alex has a net worth of $50 million, with his television appearances accounting for a large percentage of that.

With financial disasters becoming the norm in Hollywood, Alex’s riches have been saved, not just preserved, but grown, thanks to his wife Jane’s financial savvy. Nobody can say for sure if Alex would be as wealthy as he is today if Jane hadn’t kept a close eye on his finances.