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Fans were taken aback by Cassey Ho’s wedding to her boyfriend at the age of 31 | Read the whole article

Fans were taken aback by Cassey Ho’s wedding to her boyfriend at the age of 31 | Read the whole article

Kimberly McCullough is best known for her role on the ABC serial opera General Hospital as Robin Scorpio Drake, the daughter of superspies Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).

McCullough shot to prominence when she was cast on General Hospital at the age of seven, after making her first television appearance as a toddler in a diaper commercial starring Juliet Mills.

The actress made an appearance alongside her ex-costar, Maurice Benard, on his YouTube video “Maurice Benard STATE OF MIND with Kimberly McCullough” on August 29, 2021.

His show, State of Mind, was intended to give daytime stars a safe place to talk about their bad experiences in Hollywood.

McCullough discussed her dark times as a child actor in Hollywood with her longstanding co-star Benard, including drug misuse, self-doubt, and a punishing workload.

Regarding Kimberly McCullough’s Worsening Health as a Child Actor

McCullough’s major break came when she was only seven years old. Since the beginning of their new season in 1985, McCullough has played the famous character of Robin Scorpio on the iconic ABC soap opera General Hospital, which first began on April 1, 1963.

For the young actress, it seemed like a dream come true at first.

She told Benard, “I appreciated being around other creative individuals.” “Others seemed to see my brilliance and rewarded me for it. There was a lot of discipline and sacrifice involved, but I genuinely enjoyed it and was up for the task.”

It wasn’t all fun and games, though.

The child actress didn’t have a conventional childhood, what with working full-time and having cameras trained on her every move.

McCullough talked about her GH experience, which was marked by a number of sad experiences that she will remember for the rest of her life.

She had health problems as a child, but she didn’t have the time to deal with them in between her hours on set.

She remarked, “I was like the Energizer Bunny; I couldn’t stop.”

Unfortunately, by the seventh grade, McCullough had gotten an ulcer and was having difficulty acting in front of the camera all of the time.

Her mother decided to inform the soap’s then-producer that she wanted her daughter to stop being forced to work so much and that it was time for her to go to school and have a normal childhood.

“From that point forward, they determined that I would attend to ordinary school throughout the day, then everyone would rehearse without me, and then I would show up and we would tape the scenes,” the actress explained.

Not everyone was pleased with her decision. She revealed that Steve Burton would chastise her for not being as present on set as the other cast members.

“I remember Steve calling down the corridor, ‘Thanks for joining us, McCullough!’ after I’d gone through seven classes at school and drove an hour to Hollywood when I was a youngster,” she recalled.

She admitted that the event left her feeling a great deal of self-doubt and remorse and that she had frequent thoughts of quitting.

Why Kimberly McCullough Will Never Act on Television Again

The actress opened out about the demanding work schedule that everyone in the cast and crew had to adjust to.

She admitted that they sometimes had to work until 2 a.m. and then start working again at 6 a.m. So they’d spend the remainder of their time on set since no one would want to go home for four hours.

McCullough admitted that, while her time as a performer was remarkable, she didn’t look back on her upbringing with affection. She, on the other hand, stated that she does not intend to act in the future and will instead pursue a career as a director.

Nice Guys Finish Last, a short film directed by McCullough, was released in 2011. Danielle Harris and McCullough’s General Hospital co-star Lexi Ainsworth starred in the film.