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Fans Were Left Guessing by ‘Ncis’ Star Sean Murray’s Weight Loss & Transformation

Fans Were Left Guessing by ‘Ncis’ Star Sean Murray’s Weight Loss & Transformation

In 2003, Sean Murray was planned to appear as a guest star in just one episode of the CBS show NCIS. But due to certain fortunate circumstances, the actor’s portrayal as special agent Timothy McGee in the wildly successful drama continues, and he is now one of the program’s most recognizable faces.

The role has undergone significant growth after being played in the same program for nearly 20 years and 18 seasons.

McGee has undoubtedly undergone the biggest change of any character on the show. The actor himself has garnered a lot of attention from his followers for his makeover, so it’s not just his character who has transformed.

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Murray Is Deciding to Eat Healthier Food

The NCIS actor has drawn the attention of the show’s viewers due to apparent changes in look; Murray now seems a lot thinner than only a few months ago.

Speaking to Studio 10, Murray acknowledged that he had previously become lethargic but that he was now eating much better and making the most of every opportunity to take care of himself.

He continued by saying that any weight gain or reduction he experienced was more obvious because it was so obvious on his face.

Murray’s Voice Changed Attracted Similar Focus

Murray had previously drawn attention from NCIS fans due to his metamorphosis. After seven seasons, McGee’s voice transitioned from a soft voice to a raspy growl in 2010.

Back then, Murray had given up smoking and shed 25 pounds. After the issue garnered a lot of attention, he even tweeted about how he lost weight. He disclosed that for 14 months, he adhered carefully to an organic diet and abstained from sugar and alcohol.

Many Murray supporters believed that the difference in his voice was due to healthy living and quitting smoking after Murray said that he had lost 25 pounds. Science supports the idea that being overweight can make a man’s voice sound lighter because it increases the production and storage of feminine hormones.

Many people accept this explanation as being reasonable, however, some fans believe that the voice change was made on purpose to better fit the changing McGee. After all, he had advanced considerably from a new agent to an experienced one.