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Fans of #Preath are desperate for Tobin Heath and Christen Press to reconcile.

Fans of #Preath are desperate for Tobin Heath and Christen Press to reconcile.

Soccer fans and observers of the Tokyo Olympics have been paying close attention to Christen Press since she assisted the US women’s soccer team in winning the bronze medal on day 13 of the massive competition. She isn’t the only person currently in the spotlight, though.

Fans are connecting Press with Tobin Heath, another player on the US women’s soccer team, which has led to the trending hashtag #preath on Twitter. After combining Press and Heath’s names into one, emerges Breath.

And as the name implies, individuals have been fervently romantically pairing the two.

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Do They Date?

Press and Heath are close friends who have been posting photos of themselves together for a while. Fans have been going back to Press’ post from December 25, 2020, which shows the two enjoying Christmas together, even now, eight months later.

The two have been seen together in other posts as well, though. Press just shared a selfie of herself and Heath taken on the Olympic rings’ five interconnected rings.

She also thanked her followers for their love and encouragement throughout their participation in the Tokyo Olympics.

Nothing suggests that the two are girlfriends because neither of them has ever discussed being gay or dating the other. Additionally, it makes reasonable that they spend a lot of time together given that they both played for Manchester United.

Manchester United Time

In September 2020, Tobin Heath and Christen Press joined Manchester United, and they assisted their group in finishing fourth in the Women’s Super League. The club was shut down on June 24, 2021.

The press played in 17 games and scored 4 goals while Heath played in 11 games and scored the same number of goals during their stint with the team.

Due to an ankle injury, she acquired during practice prior to Manchester United’s match against Chelsea on January 17, 2021, Heath was limited in how often she could play. When she hurt her knee during her recovery, she experienced yet another setback.

Olympics Career and Run

Heath arrived in Tokyo in time to play in the Olympics despite her injuries. She was also one of just two players on the US team to have participated in four Olympic games. Carli Lloyd, who sports jersey number 10, is the other athlete.

Heath has played in 177 games and scored 35 goals over her career. She has won the World Cup twice and added 41 assists to her resume.

Press has also won two World Cups, like Heath. She also holds the record for most goals scored at Stanford all-time with 71, winning the Hermann Trophy in 2010.

In 2013, just one year after joining the league, she also surpassed all other goal scorers in the Swedish league.

Press has made 155 appearances during her professional career and has 63 goals and 43 assists to her credit.