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Facts About Mike Dirnt’s Wife Brittney Cade Alongside Their Wedding And Children

Facts About Mike Dirnt’s Wife Brittney Cade Alongside Their Wedding And Children

Mike Dirnt is a well-known figure in the music industry. Dirnt is an American musician and singer best known for being the bassist and one of the founding members of the rock band Green Day. Dirnt is a committed husband and father in addition to being a well-known musician. Since 2009, he has been married to the stunning Brittney Cade.

So, who is Brittney Cade, Mike Dirnt’s wife? Find all about it, as well as their marriage and children together, in this article.

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Mike Dirnt was spotted at Sushi Roki in Los Angeles.

Brittney Cade met the love of her life, Mike Dirnt, while working as a waitress at Sushi Roki in Los Angeles in early 2004. Mike Dirnt was reportedly present for dinner. Dirnt and Cade struck up a friendly relationship after meeting at the restaurant. Mike worked up the nerve to ask Brittney out for dinner after they had been friends for about a year and a half.

Brittney and Mike Dirnt went on a backpacking trip through Europe in October 2007, just a few months after they started dating. The lovely couple stopped in Venice throughout their journey.

Dirnt became concerned when they were spending quality time together in Venice. He took out a rose gold ring emblazoned with the words “I’m Forever Yours” and proposed to Cade. Mike even managed to record the whole affair using a video camera mounted to a neighboring pier.

Brittney Cade and Mike Dirnt married in 2009, two years after they first became engaged.

Since 2009, Mike Dirnt’s wife

Mike Dirnt proposed to his then-girlfriend, Brittney Cade, during a trip to Venice, as previously stated. They had to wait two years to tie the knot. Mike Dirnt married Brittney Cade on March 14, 2009, at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, California, according to reports.

Tony Schubert of Event Eleven, an L.A. planner and a friend of Mike Dirnt and Brittney Cade, planned the wedding ceremony for Mike Dirnt and Brittney Cade in just 45 days. On their wedding day, the reception tables were adorned with clusters of green succulents and white hydrangea.

Mike and Brittney, who were newlywed at the time, had napkins printed with their names and wedding date as a memento of their wonderful day.

In addition, Mike Dirnt’s marriage to Brittney Cade is his third. Prior to Anastasia Serman and Sarah Garrity, Cade married and divorced two women. However, it appears to be Brittney Cade’s first marriage, given there are no records of her being married to another man before to Dirnt.

Mike Dirnt Is Raising Two Adorable Children

Brittney Cade, Mike Dirnt’s wife, is the proud mother of two gorgeous children with him. Brixton Michael Pritchard is their son, and Ryan Ruby Mae Pritchard is their daughter. On October 11, 2008, Cade gave birth to her first child with Dirnt, Brixton Michael, a year before their wedding. At the time of his birth, he weighed 8 pounds.

Brittney Cade and her husband, Mike Dirnt, have two children. Brittney Cade’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Brittney gave birth to Ryan Ruby Mae, her second child with Mike, on November 29, 2010. She weighed 7.6 pounds when she arrived. Mike Dirnt’s band, Green Day, announced the birth of their daughter on their website.

Brittney Cade is also a devoted and compassionate stepmother to Estelle Desiree Pritchard, her husband’s daughter from a previous marriage. Estelle, her stepdaughter, is a close friend of hers, and she frequently uploads images of her on her social media profiles.

A Survivor of Breast Cancer

Brittney Cade, Mike Dirnt’s wife, is a breast cancer survivor who is now sharing her experience to help other cancer sufferers. Cade was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and underwent treatment. Fortunately, she was able to overcome it fully after a few months.

Brittney is grateful for Mike’s unwavering support and encouragement throughout her sickness and afterward. Dirnt, on the other hand, had been crushed by the news of his life partner’s deadly condition, and he was suddenly left with the task of keeping his family together.

There was also the added stress of having to support their two young children, Ryan Ruby and Brixton, through the trauma. It was difficult, especially for Ryan, their youngest child. Brittney and her husband, Mike, never give up hope, though.

The couple made the decision to live in the moment and be strong for their children. According to Cade and Dirnt, Tower Oncology was important in assisting them in processing the devastating news and determining the best course of action. They had thirteen doctors examine Brittney’s case in the same way that they would any other cancer patient.

Brittney Cade went through chemotherapy, nine arduous surgeries, and innumerable appointments to beat cancer, as recounted by Brittney Cade and Mike Dirnt on their individual Instagram profiles a few years ago. She has become a go-to for other cancer sufferers who want support and advice through her social networking handles now that she is cancer-free.

Brittney and Mike have also started investing in companies and organizations that aid cancer patients.

Co-founder of a few clothing businesses

Brittney Cade, Mike Dirnt’s wife, is a co-founder of two apparel firms, including Simone Kidd and RUE Ltd, according to her Instagram bio. She co-founded both of her apparel enterprises with Joey Tierney, a fellow fashion designer.

RUE Ltd., Cade and Tierney’s streetwear firm, is a partner of Orangewood Foundation, a non-profit that provides assistance and tools to help community adolescents and foster children achieve their full potential.

For the time being, Brittney Cade is a devoted wife, a loving mother of two children, a breast cancer advocate, and a successful fashion designer. In the days ahead, we hope to see and hear more from Cade.

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