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Facts About Linda Dupree, Was Married To Kevin Nealon For 13 Years

Facts About Linda Dupree, Was Married To Kevin Nealon For 13 Years

Celebrity divorce is common in the entertainment industry, and it’s not surprising in this day and age. Kevin Nealon, an actor and comedian, is one of many well-known people who has endured a disastrous marriage. Kevin Nealon was formerly married to Linda Dupree and is now happily married to actress Susan Yeagley.

Learn some facts about Kevin Nealon’s ex-wife, Linda Dupree, in this article, as well as details about her life before and after meeting Kevin.

From 1989 through 2002, she was married to Kevin Nealon.

Kevin Nealon, the star of Saturday Night Live, married Linda Dupree in a private ceremony attended by their family and friends in 1989. Linda met Nealon in A.L. while Nealon was there to attend a stand-up comedy event, according to People magazine. Linda was in the crowd with Nealon’s pals. Linda was a model and stuntwoman at the time they met. In 1989, Dupree and Nealon married after a year of dating on both coasts.

Linda Dupree and Kevin Nealon have been married for almost thirteen years and are still going strong. Linda stated in an interview that when she first met Nealon, she believed he was the kindest guy she had ever encountered, and she was certain after marrying him. With their three kittens, they used to reside in a three-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village. With Linda’s guidance, Nealon became a vegetarian and an animal-rights activist since they were so much in love. Linda and Kevin, on the other hand, were unable to maintain their marriage for long. They split in 2002, despite the fact that it was a difficult time for both of them.

Nealon had a connection with actress Jan Hooks before dating and married Linda Dupree. However, whether Linda had a romantic involvement with another man before meeting her now-estranged husband, Kevin Nealon, is unknown.

Linda Is Supposedly The Owner Of A Residence In Woodland Hills, California

Linda and Kevin used to live in Greenwich Village when they were together, as previously stated. During Kevin’s Saturday Night Live breaks, the former couple even shuttled to a two-bedroom ranch property in Hollywood. Apart from that, Linda and Kevin, the former husband-and-wife team, purchased a number of homes across the country during their time together. They bought a 1,546-square-foot house in Manhattan Beach in 1999 and a 2,810-square-foot house in Woodland Hills, California, in late 2006, which Nealon transferred to Linda’s name after their divorce.

Kevin Dupree, Linda’s ex-husband, is currently residing in Pacific Palisades, California, with his new wife, Susan Yeagley, and son, Gable Nealon. Linda, on the other hand, almost vanished from the media spotlight after her divorce from Nealon. As a result, it’s unknown whether she still lives in the Woodland house or has moved elsewhere in the present.

Linda Nealon, Kevin Nealon’s ex-wife, is also an actress.

Linda Dupree, Kevin Nealon’s ex-wife, has some cinematic credits in addition to being a former stunt woman. In the early 1980s, she appeared as a stunt performer on the American action television show The Fall Guy. She also starred alongside John Candy in the 1981 war comedy Stripes as a mud wrestler. Chips and Female Mud Wrestling Championships are two more TV series in which Linda Dupree has appeared.

Linda does not appear to be active on any of the social media platforms. As a result, figuring out what she works for a living in the present is pretty perplexing. We’re hoping to learn more about it soon and keep you updated. Linda Nealon, Kevin Nealon’s ex-wife, is currently living a happy life away from the public eye.

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