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Facts About Fashion Designer And Selma Blair’s Ex & Baby Father Jason Bleick

Facts About Fashion Designer And Selma Blair’s Ex & Baby Father Jason Bleick

When specific events lead to an overwhelming feeling, relationships come to an end. Some split up amicably, while others split up bitterly. Selma Blair and Jason Bleick, a fashion couple, are among many who have divorced amicably. When they were supportive of one another during their difficult times, the pair made headlines.

Selma Blair’s ex-boyfriend appears to be a gentleman, as they share custody of their child and he is a respectable father. Jason Bleick has potential, despite the fact that he rose to prominence following his romance with A-list actress Selma. To provide you additional information about Blair’s ex-partner, Jason, below are a few facts about him.

Selma Blair’s ex-boyfriend works in the fashion industry.

Jason Bleick, the star of Brown’s Requiem and Selma Blair’s ex-boyfriend, is a fashion designer. Jason was born in 1970 and grew up in the surf and skate culture of Huntington Beach. He had a long history of designing for the action sports sector, according to the Orange County Register, with 15 years of experience.

Jason, Selma Blair’s ex-husband, is a prominent fashion designer. Bleick’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Furthermore, Selma Blair’s ex-boyfriend, Bleick, made his debut as a creative director with Ever in 2003. The firm, which had a few of stores, was marketed as a luxury travel collection for both men and women.

Jason formerly worked for the Burton Group as a creative director, where he was in charge of the Analog textile brand. He also worked for Quiksilver as a vice president of design and Volcom as a senior design director in charge of humans and children.

In 2015, Selma Blair’s ex-boyfriend also designed for DEPACTUS, a Japanese fashion line. He also worked as the Chief Creative Director of his own company, Bleick Studio, which he launched in 2011.

Jason Bleick has been able to keep his privacy while successfully pursuing his career as a fashion designer. We do know, though, that Blair’s ex-partner is responsible and a wonderful father.

For A Year, the Ex-Couple Dated

People were made to love and support each other. People meet paths at any time and form great relationships as a result. Similarly, American actress Selma Blair and her ex-partner, Jason Bleick, had a love story.

The paths of the two couples crossed in 2010 during a professional partnership with EVER. Jason and Selma both had feelings for each other and fell in love right away. In 2011, the couple began dating. They appeared to be ecstatic and in love with one another.

The couple became pregnant and expecting a baby after only a few months of dating. They were ecstatic, anticipating the changes and effects their first kid would have on their lives.

In July 2011, Selma Blair gave birth to Arthur Saint Bleick, a healthy baby boy. Selma was three weeks past her due date.

The couple parted ways in a friendly manner.

Jason and Selma were looking forward to a change, but they weren’t prepared for what the future has in store for them. The power couple chose to split amicably 14 months after welcoming their first kid.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple fought often and eventually split up. During this time, Selma, Jason Bleick’s ex-girlfriend, moved into a temporary residence in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Despite the fact that Selma and Jason’s relationship did not continue long, they did have a lovely boy who would eternally link them. Getty Images provided the image.

Despite their split, the pair has kept their friendship for Arthur’s sake. In addition, the Daily Mail said that Jason and Arthur were previously seen enjoying quality time together at a restaurant.

Jason and Selma appear to adore their child and place a higher priority on him than their strained relationship. That is the objective of parenting.

Jason Bleick Is A Loving Husband And Father

As previously stated, the couple divorced 14 months after their first kid was born. Jason, on the other hand, did not shirk his responsibilities. Jason recognizes that he plays a significant influence in his son’s life. As a result, he lavishes Arthur with all of his affection.

Jason Bleick’s Instagram is full with photos of him and his son doing things together. On Valentine’s Day, he even captions “#loveofmylife” to express his love for his son. Jason appears to be too preoccupied with his profession to have time for relationships. Or he is keeping his romance a closely guarded secret.

His relationship status is unknown, but he is a caring father and has a great love for Arthur.

Volunteered To Assist Selma During Her MS Battle

Selma Blair, who plays Hell Boy, has had a lot of problems since the birth of her first child. Jason, her ex-partner, stepped in during her multiple sclerosis battle, she recently revealed.

Selma spoke with People about their flexible custody arrangements and how happy she was of the family because Jason had shown up significantly.

She also stated that her son had to witness and endure a great deal. Arthur, on the other hand, continues to be a huge source of love and support for her. Selma went on to say that her son is the driving force in her life, keeping her motivated in the greatest way possible.

Selma has had to deal with a lot of ups and downs since being diagnosed with MS. She has, however, been a wonderful mother, and Jason has also stood up for his son and ex-girlfriend when they were in need.

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