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Exploring Pat McAfee’s Beautiful Wedding with Wife Samantha

Exploring Pat McAfee’s Beautiful Wedding with Wife Samantha

Pat McAfee married the passion of his life, Samantha Lundy McAfee, while the world was in quarantine due to the pandemic. Fortunately, he thought to include his devotees in every significant event.

The former NFL player took to social media to share glimpses of the voyage he and Samantha took to become husband and wife, including the engagement, bridal shower, and wedding day.

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Getting Engaged

According to a tweet from McAfee, the couple became engaged on February 9, 2019. However, admirers only learned of the engagement a day after the actual date.

He tweeted that he had finally asked his fiancée if she would like to spend eternity with him, to which she enthusiastically agreed. Momentaneously, the couple “both smiled, laughed, and shed a few tears.”

The masterful performer had evidently chosen a breathtaking waterfall to ask the question. In the adjacent images, he can be seen on one knee in front of the cascade. Following the proposal, lunch was served in front of the aircraft that brought them there.

The next entry in their timeline occurred on July 18, 2020, when his fiancee, the future Mrs. McAfee, posted a photo of her bridal shower. She shared that she was “all mushy” while sipping her coffee and that she was eager to celebrate their love with her family, her new family, and her friends.

“Excited to marry you, Patrick!#MeantToBeMcAfee,” the caption concluded.

Getting Married Legally

McAfee and Lundy were legally wed four days after the bridal celebration and became Mr. and Mrs. McAfee. Samantha posted a photo with her boyfriend to commemorate the occasion. The new wife displayed the marriage license while the spouse took a selfie.

While the wedding rehearsal is the next event on the schedule, the pictures of the evening were not posted online until Father’s Day 2021, when the wife announced that she had surprised her husband with official name changes for their three pets.

Two dongs and a cat that the NFL player and his wife co-parent have been given the McAfee surname. Concurrently, the bride expressed her eagerness for the day when her spouse would become a parent.

Bridging the Gap

Then again, traveling back in time, the couple tied the knot on August 2, 2020, in front of a large number of their family and friends. During the following few days, the bride could not help but display the wedding photographs.

In case you were curious, the bride wore a backless, sleeveless gown with a flowing skirt adorned with floral motifs. Here is a brief lineup of the photographs she uploaded.

It is impossible to believe that it has already been a year since these two sweethearts tied the knot. As of this writing, the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary five weeks ago.

The wife hailed McAfee as her rock, best friend, forever roommate, and the joy of her life at the time.