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Take a look at Scott Bloomquist’s sumptuous hauler, championships, and net worth.

Take a look at Scott Bloomquist’s sumptuous hauler, championships, and net worth.

Scott Bloomquist is a nationally ranked dirt late model race car driver in the United States. He’s won 17 dirt model races and a variety of monetary awards, ranging from $50,000 at Cedar Lake Nationals to the $100,000 reward at Eldora Speedway’s 2018 Dream.

As a result, most of his championships have come from his dirt late model #0, which has grown famous to the point of being its own brand.

With more than 500 victories under his belt, it’s easy to see why model #0 would be his most valued possession. As a result, Bloomquist released a new custom-made trailer in 2017 to transport his model #0 between races.

Learn about the interior features of Scott Bloomquist’s opulent hauler, as well as the model race car driver’s wins and net worth, in this article.

Scott Bloomquist’s Luxurious Hauler: Everything You Need to Know

Back in 2017, Scott Bloomquist had a custom-made trailer built to transport his #0 dirt race model.

The exterior of the hauler was all-black and had orange and dark blue lighting over the tanky bulk exterior, giving it a futuristic appearance.

The interior of the machine, with a special stereo system, bar, lounge, and bed for long excursions on the road, was equally daunting. Plush cabinets were also included on the inside, which was designed to complement the vehicle’s general ‘bulk’ appearance. The cabinets served as a storage area for the team’s different automobile parts and racing equipment.

The vehicle box that held Bloomquist’s #0 model, however, was the machine’s major attraction. The scratch-resistant lining was the characteristic that set this box apart from other transporters. Even though his racecar was parked and removed multiple times throughout the day, the lining ensured that the walls remained scratch-free.

Bloomquist’s other brilliant choice was to have several air chucks installed on the truck so that all four Hoosier tires could be inflated at the same time. These air chucks were equipped with safety valves to prevent a tire from overinflating. However, it was this system that caused the hauler’s first mishap, a tire explosion at the I-80 Speedway in July 2017.

Due of Hauler’s maintenance issues, Scott Bloomquist was disappointed.

Along with its opulent appearance and high-end amenities, Scott Bloomquist’s hauler had significant technical maintenance concerns. The tire explosion in July 2017 is a great illustration.

The air chucks’ malfunctioning mechanism, which filled the tires at varying rates, contributed to the accident. As a result, tire pressure was uneven, and tires were more likely to depressurize during extended drives on hot asphalt.

However, Bloomquist’s dissatisfaction was not solely due to the tire incident.

Due to the challenges, he frequently suffered delays in getting to the racecourse on time.

According to a Racing News story, the hauler barely made it to the race circuit on time a handful of times in 2017 and 2018. It was normally seen in the manufacturer’s repair shop the rest of the time.

On the highway, Scott Bloomquist’s extravagant hauler, the most dangerous object to run on the streets during its period of purchase. (Image courtesy of YouTube)

While his hauler difficulties appeared minor at the time, they did threaten to lose the dirt-late model racer a chance at the championship.

In a December 2018 interview with racing, Bloomquist expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation. Then he revealed that he was considering returning the hauler to its manufacturer, TurnKey Industries, and replacing it with a custom-made hauler.

While it’s unknown whether Bloomquist sold the carrier back, he’s been using a borrowed trailer to move his model #0 in the meanwhile.

Scott Bloomquist’s net worth is unknown.

While Scott Bloomquist’s net worth has yet to be revealed, his victories can be considered his primary source of income.

And his entire earnings — merely from his reward money — equal $852,000.

Up to 2017, the champion model race car driver has won eight times in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series (LOLMDS). Then, thanks to his unbeaten 8-win record, he was able to collect $232,725 from the LOLMDS series alone. Bloomquist has won 8 Lucas dirt series races, as well as 4 World 100s and 9 National Championships.

Bloomquist wants to add another title and possibly additional prize money to his name in the coming days if he wins the forthcoming World of Outlaws Series Tour, which is set to conclude in late 2020.