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Ex-Wife of Kali Muscle fires back, reigniting old drama from their split

Ex-Wife of Kali Muscle fires back, reigniting old drama from their split

American bodybuilder and actor Kali Muscle is most known for developing his renowned physique behind the walls of San Quentin Prison, where he served a seven-year sentence for armed robbery.

The bodybuilder’s life is currently established and stable. But he has also experienced some difficult situations in the past. He has gone through it all, from a difficult and traumatic background to a prison sentence and a failed marriage to his ex-wife Dvyne Kirkendall.

Learn in detail about Kali Muscle’s marriage and contentious divorce from his ex-wife in the sections below.

In 2016, Kali Muscle and his ex-wife Dvyne divorced.

Dvyne Kirkendall, an author, singer, model, actor, and proprietor of a makeup company were married to Kali Muscle. They started dating in around 2007, and they got married somewhere around 2010.

However, the couple split up in 2016 after spending nine years together and six years married. And since everyone was aware of their dysfunctional relationship, their choice to split up did not come as a surprise to those close to them.

On October 16, 2016, the American bodybuilder uploaded a now-deleted video to YouTube in which he listed the grounds for the divorce. He claimed that Dvyne was not financially responsible and made no efforts to earn money in a responsible manner in the video.

She frequently stole money from his bank account, he also said.

Occasionally, Dvyne Adds to the Drama in Her Broken Marriage

Even after their divorce, Kali Muscle’s ex-wife Dvyne still makes passing remarks about Kali and their failed union.

On January 10, 2020, Divine tweeted a link to an article. The article’s goal was to present her perspective on the events by using her own words.

She stated in the post that despite being duped and being told lies, she stood behind Kali in everything. She continued by saying that Kali was “made the man that he is now” thanks to her encouragement.

She also addressed the accusations made against her regarding money; Kali accused her of stealing from his bank account. She clarified that she comes from a wealthy family and runs her own company. She manages her opulent lifestyle with that source, displaying pictures of herself wearing fancy clothing on social media.

Dvyne had already stated something similar in a tweet on November 23, 2016.

Currently married to Helena Vladis, Kali Muscle also has twins.

Since he is spending so much time with his second wife, Helena Vladis, and their twin children, Kali Muscle is unconcerned with the explosive drama that his ex-wife continues to stir up.

Since late 2016, the bodybuilder and Helena had been dating. A few years later, they discreetly wed. A son named Kali-Muscle and a girl named Brooke-Taylor were both born to them on December 25, 2019.

The lovely couple and their twin infants are together the majority of the time. They post family videos on their YouTube family channel, Hyphy Family. Additionally, both Kali and Helena’s Instagram accounts have images of them.

It appears like Kali has moved past his past and is now sharing love and optimism with his wife and twin children, as he likes to say in his channel introduction video.

Kali Muscle Salary

As of 2021, Kali Muscle’s net worth is anticipated to be over $5 million.

His numerous appearances in commercial commercials, television, and movies, as well as the earnings from his YouTube channel and sponsorship agreements, account for the majority of his net worth.