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Ex Daphney’s ‘Stealthing’ Allegations are met with a response from Moses Hacmon.

Ex Daphney’s ‘Stealthing’ Allegations are met with a response from Moses Hacmon.

Stealing, rape, and molestation are all triggers. If you are ever or have been taken advantage of, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-4673), Victim Connect Live Chat (, or the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline (1-866-331-9474). Trisha Paytas’ fiancé, Moses Harmon, found himself in hot trouble after his ex accused him of molestation and emotional abuse.

Daphney, whose Instagram handle is @ms.mercury, revealed Hacmon had abused and cheated on her the last time we covered her allegations.

She also accused him of rape, accusing him of stealing from her and gaslighting her. Harmon was also exposed for cheating on Paytas, betraying his family, and talking behind their backs, according to her.

For the previous four months, Paytas has been feuding with Ethan and Hila Klein, Hacmon’s brother-in-law and sister, respectively. As a result, the family is becoming increasingly fractured.

Following Daphney’s string of charges, Hacmon has categorically denied all of them. He also released the two’s text messages as proof of his innocence.

Moses Hacmon Reacted To The Charges

Hacmon issued a statement on September 9, 2021, claiming that Daphney was not his girlfriend and thus not his ex. They had only met once in February 2020, and Daphney was pressuring him into a relationship, despite his rejection.

Hacmon began dating Paytas shortly after, but Daphney “pleaded” with him to be with her instead of Paytas. It’s been over a year since Daphney and Hacmon last spoke.

All Daphney has been doing, according to Hacmon, is spreading false accusations, which is why he shared their text messages to expose the truth.

Looking at the communications, it appears like Hacmon is attempting to avoid Daphney.

He made it clear that he didn’t want to lead her on, and that he wasn’t interested in her. Daphney and Hacmon exchanged a few texts on April 3, 2020, in which Daphney stated that she would leave his life.

More screenshots were tweeted by Hacmon, but they were perplexing because the texts contradicted one another. In one screenshot, for example, they exchanged texts about their personal relationship, and Daphney said Hacmon was great.

Daphney, on the other hand, stated in another interview that she had not spoken to anyone about their personal relationship. Daphney also made it clear that he disliked Paytas.

Prior to Paytas and Hacmon’s relationship, Daphney sent a message stating that she did not want Hacmon to date Paytas.

Daphney admitted that she had been watching Paytas for over 10 years and that they were in desperate need of assistance.

Hacmon confessed that he wants to be the one to do it and that he wants to learn more about Paytas. The remaining messages essentially consist of the two fighting about Daphney and discussing their connection with others.

Ex-girlfriend of Moses Hacmon Speaks Out

Daphney proceeded to Instagram stories once more to claim that Hacmon had abused her. Since stealthing was categorized as rape, she claimed Hacmon raped her.

She also called out Paytas for lying about charitable donations to youngsters in need. Finally, Daphney reminded the YouTuber about her fiance’s assault on her.

Paytas did not comment directly to Daphney, but they did discuss the charges during their most recent members-only live event. They claimed Daphney was disturbed and was only looking for Paytas’ attention.

Paytas claims that the problems existed before they met Hacmon, thus they are unconcerned. They are insistent that they will not pay heed to Daphney, yet they are nonetheless held responsible for Hacmon’s actions.

As a result, it appears like Paytas will avoid getting engaged in the Hacmon-Daphney dispute in the near future.