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Everything you need to know about the weight loss of gospel singer Tasha Cobbs

Everything you need to know about the weight loss of gospel singer Tasha Cobbs

Imagine being in a position where your work and personality had the power to inspire and motivate others. However, would that impact be effective if you were demotivated and depressed yourself?

Tasha Cobbs Leonard, a gospel singer, and songwriter faced a similar situation before starting to prioritize her health and wellbeing.

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Cobbs Shares Her Weight Loss Surgery Story

In the Unsung season finale in April 2018, the Grammy Award-winning singer shared her experiences with despair and her choice to have substantial weight loss surgery.

The artist admitted that she had struggled with her weight her entire life and understood that she needed to go on to discover her true self. She made the decision to take action in 2010 and underwent a surgical operation.

Cobbs was a devout Christian who reasoned that if God could help her spiritual life, why couldn’t he also help her physical health?

Cobbs Made the Decision to Have Surgery Despite the Christian Community’s Disapproval of It.

Cobbs claimed that the operation meant much more to her than simply losing weight; it meant discovering her true self, which had been concealed beneath the burden of additional weight she had carried her entire life.

When she went to a mall with some of her friends and had to pause to collect her breath, that’s when she first noticed she was heavier than she wanted to be.

The spiritual speaker chose to get surgery to eliminate the additional weight because she wanted to treat her body like a holy temple. After praying to God for a few days, she made this decision. I know this subject is taboo in the church community because we don’t want to talk about it, and everyone looks down on it, but I have struggled with weight issues my entire life,” she admitted. However, Cobbs had realized that surgery alone was not enough to stay healthy, so she also made sure to eat well and exercise frequently.

She was psychologically and physically impacted by the weight gain.

Cobbs spoke candidly about the ongoing emotional and mental struggle she had throughout her life in the same interview with Unsung. She acknowledged that she intended to return home and spend many days by herself in the darkroom.

Additionally, the singer-songwriter revealed in the interview that she struggled with a number of mental problems, including weight concerns, which all cropped up at once and sent her into a depressive state.

The singer of “Break Every Chain” also discussed how she went to a therapist to put the pieces of her life back together. This was a completely new experience for her because no one she knew had ever gone to therapy.

Even if the proprietor of Madamenoire has already won her mental war, she continues to see the therapist ensure that she is mentally sound and that everything is okay.

Cobbs is the proprietor of a clothing line for curvy women.

The Grammy-winning designer recently launched her plus-size women’s clothing line, “Curve Athletics.”

When Beyoncé’s Ivy Park apparel business sold out of its plus-size inventory before she could purchase even one item, she got the idea for Curve Athletics.

After that, she made a joke about releasing her athletic apparel for “curvy girls out there.”

The clothing line promotes body positivity and self-love while offering curvaceous women everywhere stylish, cozy, and enjoyable clothing. Tasha Cobbs in her Athleisure Wear: The collection is specifically created with the plus-size woman in mind (Source: