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Even when he was with his wife, Jason Mraz had ‘Experiences’ with men.

Even when he was with his wife, Jason Mraz had ‘Experiences’ with men.

Jason Mraz is a married guy. He is a well-known guitarist and singer whose songs have been charted on the Billboard Hot 100. He has been married to Christina Carano, his girlfriend-turned-wife, since October 25, 2015, which is more than six years.

However, the musician has hit the news several times due to his personal life. From his first wife’s divorce to his ex-girlfriends to those who questioned his sexuality, his fans have seen it all.

You read that correctly. During his current marriage, he stated he had “experiences” with guys. He was, however, in a committed relationship with Carano at the same time.

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Jason Mraz Opens Up About His Relationships with Men

Mraz penned a poem for Billboard in June 2016 commemorating Pride Month, featuring the words “I am bi your side” as the final line. Several questions regarding his sexuality arose as a result of that line, with some speculating that he was gay or bisexual.

He told Billboard a month later that the poem [or the line] had never been “that telling” to him before. He also admitted to having “experiences with males” while dating the lady who would ultimately become his wife.

He went on to say,

Before marrying Carano, he stated that he was bisexual.

He did not, however, address how he currently describes his sexuality or whether he has had any subsequent encounters with guys.

Is Jason Mraz’s Marriage Still Going Strong?

Yes, Jason Mraz is married. Carano, who also goes under the name Tina, is still Mraz’s wife. However, he has managed to keep his personal life private for the time being, keeping the couple’s everyday activities hidden.

Aside from that, the artist used social media to talk about his marriage and wife on occasion.

On his second wedding anniversary, he posted a photo from his wedding day on October 25, 2017.

At the Pole Green Historic Church in Mechanicsville, he had tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony surrounded by Virginia forest.

Mraz also claimed in an interview with Pandora in 2018 that his studio album Know was dedicated to his wife.

“This is a collection of love letters in the truest sense of the word. I wrote love letters to my wife, but also to myself, to remind myself that love is the answer to everything “He expressed himself.

Prior to his current marriage, the ‘I’m Yours’ singer spent a year in 2001 with actress Sheridan Edley.

On Christmas Eve 2010, he married Tristan Prettyman, a singer-songwriter and long-time friend. However, he ended the engagement six months later.