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Even though he was married and had children, Neil Sedaka was rumored to be gay.

Even though he was married and had children, Neil Sedaka was rumored to be gay.

For someone who has been a part of Hollywood for so long, American pop singer Neil Sedaka has had his fair share of rumors. Among them, speculations about him being gay is perhaps the oddest. It’s odd because the ‘Grammy Award’ winner is married to his wife for over 57 years. Together, the couple has even raised two fully adult children.

So why is the musician, who married someone from the opposite sex, rumored to be gay? What set all these speculations on the star’s orientation into motion? Keep reading to find out!

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Gay Rumors Started after Collaboration with Howard Greenfield

Sedaka’s musical collaboration with fellow artist late Howard Greenfield is remembered as a significant moment in rock and roll history. Their partnership lasted over twenty years — churning some of the most charming melodies of the Brill Building era while selling millions of records.

However, this long-time partnership also transpired a few speculations on Sedaka’s orientation.

Back then, Greenfield was an openly gay person, which led people to speculate that the American pianist was also gay. However, the ‘Oh! Carol’ singer chose to remain silent and never responded to those speculations.

Later, when he married his now-wife, Leba Sedaka, the rumor was put to rest.

But, after more than half a century, similar rumors began surfacing following the release of the singer-songwriter’s 2016 album entitled I Do It For Applause.

In the song ‘Super Hottie’ from the album, the 2006’s Long Island Music Hall of Fame inductee sang about a young male stud’s irresistible beauty. Another song named ‘Should I Begin The Dance’ was a tango about a male brothel.

Due to such bold and steamy lyrics, speculations on whether he was gay or not trended all over the internet. However, much like last time, Sedaka remained quiet and didn’t address the topic.

His Secret to a Happy Married Life

While his orientation continues to be discussed in online threads, the fact remains that the award-winning musician is a married man. The 1983’s Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee took his wedding vows with his long-time wife, Leba Sedaka, on September 11, 1962.

Just after a year, on June 26, 1963, the duo welcomed their first child, a daughter named Dara Felice Sedaka.

After four years, in 1967, the family of three further expanded with their second child, a son named Mark Charles Sedaka. Since then, the family of four has been living harmoniously and relishing their time together.

Additionally, the renowned record producer’s family further expanded when his son Mark married his partner, Samantha Sedaka, and welcomed three children afterward.

While asked by Dailymail about the secret behind his long-lasting marital life, the musician mentioned that he always respected and loved his partner.

He also revealed that he and his wife had been through many ups and downs — and they had struggled, cried, and laughed together.

Proud Grandparent and Net Worth

On July 24, 2021, Sedaka took to Instagram to post how proud he felt as a grandparent whose granddaughters were off to college. He has two children and three grandchildren in total.

Apart from spending time with his loving family, Sedaka sometimes finds time to promote his New York Times Bestselling children’s book, Dinosaur Pet. He is quite active on social media. If he isn’t posting his mini-concerts, he’s posting about his family.

According to, Neil Sedaka’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million. This doesn’t come off as a surprise though because he has written or co-written well over 500 songs in addition to selling millions of records.