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Even after their divorce, Summit1g and his ex-wife remain best friends.Even after their divorce, Summit1g and his ex-wife remain best friends.

Even after their divorce, Summit1g and his ex-wife remain best friends.Even after their divorce, Summit1g and his ex-wife remain best friends.

Summit1g a.k.a. Jaryd Lazar, a renowned video game streamer with around six million followers and over 30,000 active Twitch subscribers, is well-known among hardcore FPS gamers.

In 2017, the Twitch star used one of his game shows to announce his divorce from Desirae Lazar, his wife of three years.

Summit1devoted g’s fans were disappointed by the news, as they had gotten accustomed to Desirae’s periodic appearances in his streams, and frequently called him to inquire what he wanted to eat.

Divorced in a friendly manner

Summit1g and Desirae have been together since 2007. The couple married in 2013 after years of courtship. They then split up in the middle of 2015.

The gamer, on the other hand, only revealed the news one and a half years later. In February 2017, he revealed on his stream that he and his wife had divorced a long time ago.

He explained that he didn’t inform his supporters sooner since it would have been difficult for both of them if the internet community became involved. He further added that he had no choice but to let the cat out of the bag because followers had frequently inquired about Desirae’s whereabouts.

He assured his supporters that the split was amicable and that they remained good friends. Then he added that she was in charge of his “adult responsibilities,” which he most likely meant merchandising, marketing, and so on.

Disagreements about having children may have contributed to the breakup.

Summit1g and his wife’s divorce may have been caused by conflicts over having children, according to fans. Long-time Twitch viewers claim to have known that the broadcaster was adamantly opposed to having children, despite his wife’s desire to have a family.

“When she (Desirae) streamed for a little while, she was talking as if she might have kids in the future, and we all know Summit has always been against having kids and still is, and she was acting like the decision whether the two would have kids hasn’t been made yet,” a Reddit user commented.

“Summit has always maintained that (having kids) would end up being a problem,” another user remarked. “I’ve been watching him since roughly six months after he started streaming, and if there was ever an issue in their relationship, I always remembered it being about having a kid.”

Desirae had twin daughters with her new boyfriend in 2018, shortly after divorcing Summit1g, proving the truth of this theory. She has had another daughter since then. Her Twitter bio reads “mother of three girls” as of December 2020.

It’s apparent that they had differing perspectives about having children. However, it cannot be attributed as the cause of their breakup.

Ex-Wife and I celebrated my 27th birthday.

Whatever the case may have been between Summit1g and his partner’s wife, the two have remained excellent friends. Desirae has even stated in her Twitter bio that she is Summit’s best friend and manager.

Summit, on the other hand, has a close bond with Desirae’s children. He meets the kids whenever he gets the chance and has a good time with them.

His 27th birthday was spent with Desirae and her children. Lilchiipmunk, the gamer’s new girlfriend, was also in attendance at the party.

Is Lilchiipmunk dating a Twitch streamer?

Summit1g and Desirae have both moved on from their separation.

Desirae has three children from her new relationship, whereas Summit1g is dating Caroline, a Twitch streamer. Lilchiipmunk is her online nickname.

It’s unknown when the two started dating, but photos of them first surfaced in 2017, shortly after Jaryd announced his divorce.

The streamer’s 27th birthday party was also attended by Lilchiipmunk. On April 24, 2021, she tweeted several photos from the ceremony and declared her love for him.