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Eric Bugenhagen recalls how finding his wife improved his quality of life.

Eric Bugenhagen recalls how finding his wife improved his quality of life.

Under the ring moniker “Ric Boog,” Eric Bugenhagen made his WWE debut in an episode of NXT Live in October 2017.

He has won the WWE 24-7 Championship twice, and most recently, in May 2021, on SmackDown, he made his main roster debut.

In addition to competing for WWE, Bugenhagen is a YouTuber. Currently, he uploads amusing and silly videos and has over 240,000 subscribers. But he mainly shares videos of himself exercising in his home gym, along with occasional tips.

In those movies, he pumps himself up before lifting wildly intensely.

Fans are curious about the WWE star’s better half, who prefers to keep away from his extremely public career, given all of his fame and fortune.

His life was changed by Bugenhagen’s wife.

Although nothing is known about Bugenhagen’s wife because he leads a quiet life, she occasionally appears in his exercise videos to assist him with his lifting. However, he described how he met his wife and their relationship in one of his uploads.

Bugenhagen posted a video titled “Relationship Breakup?” on February 25.

He opened the video by reading a query from Michael, a 21-year-old spectator who requested some life advice from the wrestler.

He’s not sure whether his new relationship is what he’s searching for, so Micheal asked him if he should stop it.

Micheal evidently believed that Bugenhagen was the ideal candidate to get the inquiry given how content he appeared to be with his wife. In response, Bugenhagen described his early years, when he was 20 years old.

He admitted that while he drank hard and frequently got into trouble, wrestling was the furthest thing from his mind. He made attempts to get better but was unsuccessful, and eventually, he was ejected from his residence. To cut a long story short, he met his wife while looking for a new place.

That’s when Bugenhagen’s life began to change. He eventually started dating her and acknowledged that she had been instrumental in helping him turn his life around. Then he offered his counsel.

Bugenhagen and His Wife Experienced Difficulties

The powerlifter detailed the struggles he and his wife had in the same video.

With his wife, Bugenhagen has experienced both good times and bad. He admitted that while residing with his wife’s mother, they were penniless for many years and depended on his parents for groceries.

He continued by saying that if his wife had not been there for him when he was struggling, he likely would have been more poisonous and self-destructive.

He now appreciates having remained by his wife’s side all these years, nevertheless.