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Elisabeth Moss Remains Too Busy at Work to Have Kids

Elisabeth Moss Remains Too Busy at Work to Have Kids

Offred, played by Elisabeth Moss, was expecting a child when season two of The Handmaid’s Tale premiered. Motherhood was a significant topic in the second season, Moss said in an interview before the start of that specific season.

The actress discussed parenthood and having children in real life during the same conversation.

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wished to become a mother

The interview in question is with Marie Claire UK, and the year is 2018. In an interview with Jane Mulkerrins, in which she spoke about issues including gender, feminism, inequality, and abuse, Moss also shared her ideas on having children.

She made some revelations about her upbringing and parents, who separated when she was “between 15 and 30,” before talking about becoming a mother. She and her mother remain close, and that year, she even took her to the Golden Globes.

The topic eventually turned to her character’s predicament in The Handmaid’s Tale’s second season, and then to her own life. She gave an affirmative response when asked if she desired kids of her own.

“I do want to be a mother,” Moss admitted, adding that she liked the thought of passing on what her mother had taught her.

She added that although she wasn’t sure now whether she wanted kids in the past, she felt that way.

Finally Had Some Dating Time

Later in the interview, Moss discussed her dating life at the time and said she didn’t have time to date since she was “extremely focused” on her profession.

After her brief marriage to Fred Armisen and subsequent separation, this was one of the few times she spoke candidly about her relationships. She acknowledged to Vulture in 2014 that her marriage to Armisen had been “very traumatic, nasty, and horrible.”

The speculations persisted even though she remained silent regarding her love life. Early in 2019, there were allegations that she was seeing Tom Cruise and possibly considering getting hitched to him.

But those were simply rumors, and Moss claimed that they had perplexed her.

However, she did find time for a boyfriend. She claimed to be dating someone in a 2019 article for Marie Claire. Although she didn’t say who it was, she did say the person enjoyed the Raptors and the Leafs and that they went to games together.

By declaring, “I’d like to have that feeling of loving something more than you could ever love anything other than yourself,” Moss further confirmed she was “confident” she wanted children.

She reiterated at the end of the conversation that she preferred to keep her personal affairs private and detested placing such a high value on them.

Is it possible that Moss will give birth in the future? The unknown! One thing, though, seems certain: if and when she decides to become a mother, she might not talk about it all that much.