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Elena Moussa, the Wife of Greg Gutfeld: Her Age, Profession, and Wedding

Elena Moussa, the Wife of Greg Gutfeld: Her Age, Profession, and Wedding

Russia-born Elena Moussa is a fashion designer and entrepreneur best known as the famous wife of Fox News journalist and author Greg Gutfeld.

Moussa, who has her own business, runs the label Moussa Project, a shop that leases branded accessories and luxury apparel in Russia’s capital.

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Wiki-Bio of Moussa: Moussa was born in Russia.

Moussa was born in Russia on August 26, 1982. Before arriving in New York, she was raised in Russia by her middle-class parents.

She is also a Russian national with the zodiac sign Taurus as her natal sign. She is a tall woman, at 5 feet 10 inches tall (1.55 m).

The fashion stylist has been interested in fashion design and new trends since she was a child, and she even attended Parson School of Design, a well-known art school for children, as part of her education.

She took another step forward in her career after moving to New York and enrolling at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she acquired her skill in fashion design.

From modeling to entrepreneurship, she has made a successful transition.

Moussa made her debut as a model in the glittering world of fashion. However, she did not have much success in her early modeling career, which prompted her to work for Maxim Russia as a photo editor.

In the heart of Russia, the former runway model turned photo editor now owns her own fashion designer showroom. Moussa Project, the showroom she founded in 2011, is also named after her.

Her boutique leases out luxury garments and accessories to high-end clients who have helped her amass a sizable fortune.

Her actual net worth is still unknown, but her spouse, Gutfeld, is worth a whopping $13 million.

At Maxim Russia, Moussa met her husband Gutfeld.

Moussa met her future husband, Gutfeld, while working as a picture editor for Maxim Russia. Gutfeld is the famous anchor of Fox Channel’s discussion show Red Eye.

In a 2015 interview with the Daily Beast, Gutfeld described meeting his wife for the first time on the first day of his new job as an editor at Maxim Russia. Gutfeld recalled, “I actually met her on my first day on the job.”

He subsequently added, “And then she moved to London to be with me.”

After only 5 months of dating, the pair married in a civil ceremony in New York in December 2004. Due to the fact that the couple kept their wedding incredibly private, their wedding images have yet to be released.

Moussa is currently married to Gutfeld, and they have a happy life together.

The couple is childless.

Despite the fact that Moussa and Gutfeld have been married for almost 15 years, they do not have any children of their own. And it’s unclear whether the couple’s inability to have children is due to a well-considered decision or a medical issue.

Moussa’s Instagram feeds show that she adores children, as she frequently posts photos with her niece.