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Ebro Darden, a radio star, has kept his baby mama’s name a secret.

Ebro Darden, a radio star, has kept his baby mama’s name a secret.

Ibrahim ‘Ebro’ Darden, an American media executive, and radio presenter, keep his personal life hidden. Darden’s gorgeous daughter, Isa Darden, was born in 2014, and it is one of the few private details he has revealed. The identity of the child’s mother, on the other hand, remains a mystery.

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Darden’s Unknown Wife

Darden has kept his personal life hidden since the beginning. He also doesn’t post much about his personal life on social media. He is, however, a married man, according to reports. But, more importantly,, who is Darden’s wife?

Darden has neither denied nor acknowledged that he is married to Stephanie Marie, according to various publications.

The myth was fueled by the media personality’s surprise announcement of the birth of his gorgeous daughter, Isa, to his fans. The ecstatic father turned to Instagram to share a snapshot introducing the world to his ‘Lion Babe,’ as Darden refers to his daughter. “It’s very bizarre, but…” he wrote. So many of you suffocate me on a regular basis! Thank you very much!! So… Lion Babe arrived in a hurry! In our bathroom, I gave birth to my own daughter! Whoa! MOTHER’S preparations were nearly too excellent! “We made it.”

Darden didn’t display the baby mama’s face in the post, but he did share the tiny girl’s. Isa is the daughter of Marie and Darden, according to reports, but this was never proven until some of his followers proposed a different name for Isa’s mother. Natalya Davis, according to rumor, is the mother’s name.

We came upon a photo of the couple celebrating their daughter’s fourth birthday together. In August 2018, one of his pals released a gorgeous family shot along with other party pictures and videos of them together on his official social media accounts, while the media star simply posted an image of his daughter and himself. The three family members danced with each other in colorful tribal attire while enjoying the black panther-themed party.

Davis also recently took to Instagram to wish her lovely angel and uploaded a selfie on National Daughter’s Day, which will be celebrated in September 2020. “National Daughter (aka Relentlessly Opinionated “Creative Director”) Day!” she said on Facebook.

Darden announced that he was single on one of his radio episodes in March 2018, thus it’s unclear if the two are dating.

Darden allegedly cheated on his wife with Nicki Minaj, according to rumors.

Due to a Remy Ma song, suspicions of Darden cheating on his partner were circulating in 2017. One lyric in Nicki Minaj’s diss song’shETHER,’ in which she claimed Darden slept with Minaj, generated a lot of issues.

“Coke head, you cheated on your man with Ebro / I might leak the tape of you sniffing those ski slopes / They gassed you up, but you been on E, though /’Pills and Potions,’ yup, you been on E, h**,” the real line said.

Darden was not afraid to refute the claims after hearing the music. He used his Twitter account to debunk the reports, claiming Remy was lying. He also stated that his family made light of the situation.

Remy’s husband, Papoose, sided with her in reaction to Darden’s tweet, stating that Darden texted him, indicating he was glad Remy posted it. However, the media personality mocked Papoose, saying that of course, he would support his wife.