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Dyrus and Emiru, Twitch streamers, almost ended their relationship in 2020.

Dyrus and Emiru, Twitch streamers, almost ended their relationship in 2020.

Dyrus, a former professional League of Legends player, has been dating another gamer named Emiru since 2016. Dyrus was born Marcus Hill. They are hailed as the ultimate “couple goal” in the gaming and streaming communities because to their endearing antics on live streams.

Many of their followers, however, were taken aback when they learned that their favorite gaming pair nearly split up in 2020.

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Dyrus Received a Second Chance at Love from Emiru

Viewers of Twitch streamers delighted in seeing their favorite couple interact while playing video games. However, they were unaware that Dyrus and Emiru were about to call it quits.

Dyrus admitted what was going on between him and his girlfriend on May 1, 2020, via Twitter. He added in the tweet that he wants to be honest about his relationship. He confessed to having psychologically and emotionally abused his fiancée, which nearly led to their breakup.

He went on to say that his partner gave their relationship a second opportunity and that he was also looking for counseling.

In addition, he begged for pardon, expressed regret for the incident, and said he should not have tweeted the earlier post, which is now gone. He then replied to the forum and said that he had made a “very big mistake and stated some awful things,” adding that he was attempting to make amends.

What was in the deleted tweet is up to your best estimate as well as ours. But let’s hope the endearing couple is enjoying this stage of their relationship.

Timeline of the Emiru-Dyrus Relationship

The couple who streams on Twitch has been dating for more than four years. Despite beginning their relationship in June, the gamer didn’t officially introduce his fiancée until December 2, 2016, when he shared a sweet Instagram photo.

Since that time, the two have remained close and have helped one other through every stage of their life.

They frequently play games together and promote each other on their individual channels because they are both streamers. Additionally, they don’t hesitate to share pictures of one another on social media.

For instance, on Valentine’s Day of 2017 Emiru posted some gorgeous images of her and Dyrus on Twitter. She thanked him for always loving and supporting her in the poignant statement that was posted with the pictures.

The same day, Dyrus uploaded a screenshot of his girlfriend’s tweet on Instagram along with the sweet caption I adore @emiru.jpg.”

The former League of Legends player shared an animated image of two lovers kissing on their third anniversary on June 21, 2019. He mentioned his girlfriend and that they had been together for three years in the caption of the picture.

Dyrus hasn’t disclosed any fresh information about his relationship since the post. However, given that he hasn’t removed any of the postings he’s made with his girlfriend, it is safe to assume that they are still together.

Who is Emiru, Dyrus’ girlfriend?

The girlfriend of Dyrus is a cosplayer. Her artwork, which contains numerous anime characters, can be found on her Instagram account with the handle Emiru.jpg.

She additionally enjoys playing video games. So much so that she confessed she broke up with her high school boyfriend in a tweet from October 17, 2019, after he made her choose between him and League Of Legends. She opted for the game over him and continued.