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Dylan Wang’s girlfriend? Actor’s Love Life

Dylan Wang’s girlfriend? Actor’s Love Life

Dylan Wang was seen with a woman in August. The sighting fuelled relationship speculations and “is Dylan Wang married?” Wang was reportedly observed at a fried chicken restaurant eating from an unidentified woman’s hand.

They didn’t hold hands, but they were close and enjoyed each other’s company.

The same girl has reportedly been seen with the actor before.

She once attended a basketball game with Wang’s friends. After the game, the two drove off and were subsequently photographed shopping.

Wang was later sighted with his supposed lover. The unknown girl is purportedly Wang’s college acquaintance and first love.

Neither the actor nor his management has confirmed the rumors.

Dylan Wang’s girlfriend?

Wang’s dating history is private, so his love life has been closely examined.

While he’s been spotted with an unknown woman, he’s commonly linked to Shen Yue. His purported relationship with Yue is fan-based.

Fans of the actor and actress appreciate their on-screen connection and want them to date. Some fans want them to wed.

After Wang and Yue’s onscreen bonding in Meteor Garden, fans fantasized about their offscreen connection.

A brief internet search revealed that fans wanted the actor and actress to reunite and star in another drama.

The Chinese drama crew even made a fan Instagram page for the pair.

One admirer even started an online petition three years ago to reunite actor Wang and actress Yue. Wang and Yue appeared in season 2 of The Inn.

Dylan Wang, Qin Lan

Lan, 42, commended Wang’s work in The Rational Life.

Lan dated Wang in the show.

Today Online reports that the actress went further. She’d never liked “May-December” partnerships. She said she’d date Wang’s character if he existed.

Fans assumed Lan was Wang’s girlfriend after her statement went public.

Later, as dating rumors abounded, the pair reportedly shared hotpot. After the actress praised Wang’s hotpot cooking talents on Weibo, the word spread.