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During her weight loss, did Megan Thee Stallion get a nose job?

During her weight loss, did Megan Thee Stallion get a nose job?

When Megan Thee Stallion uploaded this image of herself in a nightclub on August 18, 2020, she left her fans perplexed. She had a slightly different appearance than normal.

At that point, astute admirers assumed the rapper’s nose had undergone cosmetic surgery as it appeared different.

In the pictures, Stallion was sporting a shoulder-length, turquoise wig with a pearl hair clip, along with a matching tight crop top and shorts.

She posed with a wad of cash in her hands and a plethora of jewelry on her person. It was difficult to ignore the bright yellow Birkin bag on the couch.

Fans believe that Stallion had a rhinoplasty because her nose appeared to be smaller than it had been. She looked stunning in the photos.

Even a composite image of her before and after surgery was created by a fan.

These accusations are nothing new for Stallion.

Fans have often questioned whether her voluptuous figure is really natural, but she revealed in a June 2019 interview with Hot 97 that she has always been “comfortable” with herself and has never undergone cosmetic surgery.

The Houston rapper claims that she is regularly attacked online for her appearance. No one, however, has the courage to speak with her face-to-face about it.

Stallion is undergoing a physical transformation.

The 26-year-old is well recognized for her immensely popular songs, but she is also admired for her enviable curves and height of 5 feet 10 inches. She actually acquired the stage name “Stallion” as a result of her height.

“I’ve had the same body ever since I was younger, maybe around the age of 15 or 16. Older men would often say, “Oh, you a stallion,” “In 2017, she spoke to Houstonia Magazine.

On Twitter, she initially continued using it as her username, and ever since then, everyone has been referring to her as Stallion.

The rap legend began her quest for a fitter version of herself in mid-January 2021. Through “#HOTTIEBOOTCAMP,” Stallion altered her food habits and created a more rigorous fitness regimen.

She claims that it is more of a health journey than a journey to lose weight. She even invited her followers to participate in her fitness journey.

Stallion dropped 10 pounds in the first week, and she just had herself to blame: water intake.

The rapper has been working out for almost three months, and she’s killing it. Through her transformation images, she occasionally provides her fans with incentives.