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Due to his obesity, Tom Segura once avoided an overdose—a Look at His Weight Loss Journey

Due to his obesity, Tom Segura once avoided an overdose—a Look at His Weight Loss Journey

The comedian Tom Segura went to a party during his first year of college, where he encountered drugs and ended up in the hospital.

Segura continues to tell this serious tale of how being overweight saved his life in the funniest way imaginable despite the fact that it is almost two decades old. In the Comedy Central program This Is Not Happening, he narrated this tale in the cutest and most relatable way possible.

In 1997, the co-host of 2 Bears 1 Cave returned home for Thanksgiving after experiencing college life. One of his high school buddies hooked him up with liquid ecstasy while they were at a reunion party.

Segura claimed that the only reason he swallowed too much of it was that he didn’t want to appear foolish or unprofessional.

To put it briefly, he overdosed on narcotics out of consideration for others.

The chemical he used, GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate), is lethal when combined with alcohol, and he also revealed on the show that he had previously consumed too many vodka shots.

The quirky comedian sincerely stated that although he didn’t recall collapsing, he was presumably taken to the emergency hospital. After being in a coma, he emerged to find his unhappy parents and a few medical professionals there.

When asked what drug he took, Segura joked about using heroin because he is a comedian even in that situation.

When he met the doctor who had saved his life, the doctor said that the fact that he was overweight prevented him from passing away because the number of drugs and alcohol in his blood would have instantly killed someone who wasn’t overweight.

Moving on, his weight-loss journey began in 2017 as a competition with comic Bert Kreischer, who co-hosted his podcast 2 Bears 1 Cave.

It started on Joe Rogan’s show, with the requirement that the loser would be responsible for covering the winner’s travel expenses to any location of his choosing. Additionally, the loser was required to remove his beard, which none of the winners desired to do.

Segura’s weight loss journey has been challenging; we’ve watched him shift from being huge to small, then back to bulky. He has recently gained some weight.

However, he had shed a few pounds by 2018 and discussed it with H3 Podcast. He claimed to like the changes he had undergone.

The host of the Completely Normal show exercised with his trainer four days a week and abstained from eating sweets for months in order to reduce weight.

Along with boxing, he engaged in rigorous cardio exercises.

Segura merely wanted to be in shape because he was gaining weight and was aware of the negative effects of being overweight.