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Drew Gooden’s marriage to Amanda began as a result of Vine.

Drew Gooden’s marriage to Amanda began as a result of Vine.

Drew Gooden is certainly familiar to everyone who grew up in the 2010s and grew up watching videos on the popular Vine app.

Unfortunately, Vine was taken down in October of 2016. Gooden, on the other hand, is doing well for himself now that he is well-known for his YouTube commentary videos and comedy sketches.

PatheticHearts was Gooden’s first YouTube channel, which he launched in 2006. Kingdom Hearts 2 parodies dominated the channel. But he didn’t linger long on the platform.

On August 21st, 2015, he returned to the YouTube community and has since become a YouTube phenomenon with over 3 million subscribers.

He spoke everything about his life before his Vine career began in his YouTube video titled ‘Vine: Where Are They Now?’ and also provided details about his love story with his wife, Amanda Murphy.

Drew Gooden’s Online Relationship with His Wife

In February 2015, Gooden joined Vine. Gooden’s popularity skyrocketed following a series of viral videos and a re-Vine by singer Joe Jonas.

He was receiving a great deal of attention and was having a great time. The most amazing thing that occurred to him was when his now-wife, Amanda Murphy, commented on one of his Vine videos and told him he looked cool.

“OMG You are so cute and your vines are like pure liquid gold,” Gooden remarked, according to Gooden.

He saw her reply and went to her Vine bio to get his Instagram connection. He claimed that he saw a few of her Instagram photos and thought she was ideal for him.

Before they realized they were thousands of miles apart, they began texting and talking to each other over the internet on a regular basis.

He was in Orlando at the time, and she was in Arizona. They believed they’d never make it work at first, but they got along swimmingly and continued to communicate “without any obligations” to each other.

She even purchased an airline ticket to Orlando for a week later to meet him.

“If you reside in Florida, it’s a great spot to host a trip for visitors,” Gooden added. “We went to the beach, Disney World, and Universal Studios together and had a blast.”

In 2019, Drew Gooden married his long-distance girlfriend.

They began dating in 2016 and decided to move in together after a few months of dating.

After they got engaged in October 2016, his girlfriend Murphy moved to Orlando.

On March 13, 2019, Gooden and Murphy married and published photos from their ceremony. Many viewers assumed the two were already married because the YouTuber referred to Amanda as his wife before they were wedded.