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Don’t Miss Anything About Rey Rahimi, The Pretty Girl Behind YouTube Channel ‘hot tea’

Don’t Miss Anything About Rey Rahimi, The Pretty Girl Behind YouTube Channel ‘hot tea’

The Beauty YouTube regulars must be aware of all the controversy. The beauty community is full with tea to be spilled, from James Charles and Tati Westbrook’s spat over hair vitamins to Nikkie Tutorials’ coming out as a transgender person. Well, there’s a YouTube channel with the appropriate username, ‘hot tea,’ that can tell you everything you need to know about it. Rey Rahimi is the lovely lady behind it all. Since joining on March 25, 2018, the channel has grown to over 69.3K subscribers and is still growing.

So, here are a few things you should know about Rey Rahimi, the lovely lady behind the YouTube channel ‘hot tea.’

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A Surprising Journey

Rey is a huge fan of Trisha Paytas, as we all know. She’s done a lot of videos about Trisha thus far. Rey claims that she and Trisha have a love-hate relationship. With that in mind, on December 16, 2019, Rey released a video in which she discussed all of Trisha’s Patreon membership options. The $500 shout out on Trisha’s Instagram was the one she was most interested in, so she purchased it. Rey, on the other hand, never received her shout-out from Trisha, nor did she receive a follow-up contact from her. A copyright strike was one of the things she got after filming a video about the subject. There were three of them, not just one.

According to YouTube, if a channel receives more than three copyright strikes, the channel is obliged to be deleted. So, Rey was in a lot of trouble; first, she didn’t get her scream out; second, she never received a refund; and, most silly of all, she was set to lose her channel. But nothing went as badly as she had feared; numerous popular drama channels came to her aid, and Trisha’s sister repaid her $501. Finally, she wrote Trisha a letter requesting that she remove the copyright strike from her video, which she did.

With Trisha, Rey Rahimi had a wild ride. YouTube/Hot Tea is the source of this image.

Apart from that, Trisha has two copyright strikes against Hot Tea, but Rey believes it’s fine. She’s happy with it till she regains control of her channel. With all of the turmoil, Rey Rahimi emerged victorious, gaining 10,000 members, whereas Trisha had nothing but nasty stories flying over the internet.

Contains a Second Channel

Rey Rahimi is well-versed in the community, having uploaded to a secondary channel after her primary account was threatened with deletion. ‘Rey Rahimi,’ her original name, has a channel of her own. Rey’s main channel features videos about social drama and celebrities, while her second channel features videos about her personal life.

Rey Rahimi has a video named “New Beginning” on her second channel. Rey’s YouTube is the source of this image.

On the second channel, we want to see more of her great edits and information tackling talents. Rey’s second channel currently has over 10.9K followers and is growing everyday, with 45,271+ views on eight videos.

Background in Iran

The lovely Rey has a well-proportioned face with a focal point of stunning eyes. Her Iranian ancestors, to be sure, had a hand in it. She has images of her father and siblings, as well as a sister named Hanieh Rahimi, on her page.

The stunning Iranian beauty has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the current YouTube scene. Despite living in America and studying in Canada, she appears to be proud of her background.

Love Life And Social Life

Rey doesn’t seem to have any tea in her private life, despite her online tea difficulties and drama posts. Rey Rahimi has a wonderful group of friends with whom she is quite close. She appears to do everything fun with her buddies and has a special bond with them.

Rey Rahimi enjoys herself with her companions. Rey’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Rey enjoys spending time with her pals and travels with them frequently. Whether they’re partying together or going out in nature (hiking, etc. ), the attractive YouTuber seemed to enjoy it all in the presence of her companion.

The stunning Iranian beauty travels extensively. Rey’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Her love life is largely unknown, except from her social life. The identity of Rey Rahimi’s lover is unknown. Is she a good concealer? or she doesn’t have one at all, and only she knows. As a result, it will remain that way until the YouTuber exposes her true love. We hope Rey continues to produce videos to keep us entertained on a daily basis.

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