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Don’t Miss Anything About John 5’s Wife Rita Lowery. Any Children Together?

Don’t Miss Anything About John 5’s Wife Rita Lowery. Any Children Together?

John 5 (John William Lowery) is an American guitarist who presently plays with Rob Zombie. When he joined the rock band Marilyn Manson in 1998, he was given the stage name “John 5.” He has played in a variety of bands during the course of his career as a guitarist, including 2wo, David Lee Roth, Loser, and others. Aside from that, John has been touring with Rob Zombie since 2005 and has a few solo projects in the works.

While John 5 has cemented his reputation as one of the greatest guitarists of the twentieth century, his admirers are likely unaware of his personal life. If you don’t want to miss anything concerning John 5’s wife Rita Lowery, read the article.

Rita Lowery Is Guitarist John 5’s Second Wife.

John 5, the incredible musician, has been married twice so far. He was previously married to Aria Giovanni, an exotic model and actor. In 2002, they married and divorced in 2006. Then John 5 married Rita Lowery, his current wife.

Rita Lowery and John 5 married on June 7, 2009, and have been living happily ever after. Unlike other celebrity couples, they have not been linked to any significant feuds or extramarital affairs. We’ve already established that Rita Lowery is the current wife of guitarist John 5, but you may be wondering what she does professionally. To learn more, keep reading this article.

Rita Lowery, John 5’s wife, is a hairstylist.

Rita Lowery is a hairstylist, to be sure. Rita Aghajani has been in the hair profession for fifteen years. She is currently employed as a stylist at Guiseppe Franco’s Salon in Beverly Hills, California. Bridal hair, skilled color corrections, cutting and styling, highlights and color, and hair extensions are among her specialties. Rita Hair by Rita Lowery is a hair extension line she owns. Russian clip-in hair extensions and hair accessories are among the many items available.

She has always received favorable reviews from her clients for her efforts to giving them a transformational look. Camille Anderson, Mickey Rourke, Mena Suvari, Julie Benz, Sylvester Stallone, John 5, and other prominent names and celebrities are among her clients.

Rita Lowery had a difficult upbringing.

Rita, as we all know, enjoys a lavish lifestyle today. She now enjoys complete freedom and enjoyment in life. Rita, on the other hand, did not always have it easy. Rita Lowery, John 5’s wife, was born into an Iranian family. The Iran-Iraq war was what led young Rita and her family into trouble. The never-ending war game continued, and Rita and her family had no choice but to remain terrified and hide under their mattresses. Her family finally got the chance to flee Iran and migrate to the United States in 1986, after 6 years of bloodshed, hardship, and fear.

Rita herself revealed the story in one of her Instagram posts. She shared an old photo of herself and her loving sister Reina Lowery as she told the story. But, as the saying goes, “there is a rainbow after every storm,” and Rita’s life took a turn. Continue reading to learn more about her current life.

Rita never misses an opportunity to flaunt her body.

Rita Lowery, John 5’s wife, has a curvy body and enjoys flaunting it. She flaunts her stunning body on Instagram by posting images and videos.

She once released a fourteen-second video of herself reclining on her sunbed, sunbathing. She filmed the video while joking about internet life and displaying her beautiful figure.

Are There Any Children Between John 5 and His Wife Rita Lowery?

Guitarist John 5 has a son with his wife Rita Lowery. In 2003, they welcomed their first child together. Andreas Lowery is his name, and he is currently 17 years old. Despite the fact that John 5 is very busy with his profession, Rita Lowery never misses an opportunity to spend time with her son. He is referred to as her best friend by her. Rita frequently posts photos of the two of them hanging together and going on outings.

Apart from that, she has two stepchildren from John’s previous marriage, Nicole and Jeremy Lowery. Nicole is now happily married to Barry David, and Jeremy works as a cop in Los Angeles. Rita and her step-son Jeremy have a strong bond.

Rita Lowery has been a wonderful wife to John 5 and a wonderful mother to Andreas over the years. We wish this family a long and happy life together.

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