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Don’t Miss Anything About Jimmy Smits’ Children, Son Joaquin Smits And Daughter Taina Smits

Don’t Miss Anything About Jimmy Smits’ Children, Son Joaquin Smits And Daughter Taina Smits

Jimmy Smits, who is known for his work in legal dramas, married Barbara Smits in 1980. They were married for seven years and had two children, a daughter named Tania Smits and a son named Joaquin Smits. The couple co-parented their children after their divorce in 1987. Barbara Smits remained single and focused on her family while Jimmy Smits became friendly with his lover Wanda De Jesus. However, she passed away on April 16, 2010, as a result of pneumonia complications.

Let’s learn more about Jimmy Smits’ children, Joaquin and Taina Smits, for the time being.

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Son of the All-Rounder

Joaquin Smits, Jimmy Smits’ son, was born in 1983. He has appeared in films such as Game Time, Club Life, and Alexander Reese. Apart from acting, Kino Smits (short for Joaquin) works as a VIP Host at Marquee Nightclub and Avenue Night Club, where he has worked for the past seven years. Joaquin is a very professional individual who appears to put a lot of effort into his career.

Joaquin Smits is a celebrity host and actor. IMDb is the source of this image.

Jimmy Smits, Joaquin’s father, remarked in an interview with People back in the day that the way Joaquin walks and makes facial motions amazed him. Even after his parents, father Jimmy and mother Barbara, divorced, Joaquin spent a lot of time with his father. At the age of fifteen, he was a forward for his Manhattan private school’s basketball team, standing only a few inches lower than his father. And father Jimmy would always brag about how his son Joaquin is a better basketball player than he is.

Joaquin Smits has a tight relationship with his father, Jimmy Smits, and shares his good looks. Getty Images provided the image.

Joaquin has inherited his father’s height and appearance, as he is the son of one of Hollywood’s most outstanding actors. We hope Joaquin maintains a close relationship with his father and spends time with him. Also, because Joaquin keeps a low profile, no other personal information about him has been revealed.

Daughter of a Writer

Tania Smits is a theatre writer, director, and teacher at Glasgow Middle School in Fairfax County, where she was born in 1973. She is the firstborn child of Jimmy Smits, a brilliant actor, and Barbara Smits, a 29-year employee of Cornell Cooperative Extension-New York City (CCE-NYC). Tania, like her father, turned her passion for performing into a career. In her theatre classes, she teaches many kids how to deliver lines and use a variety of facial expressions, as well as sharing photos of her students’ accomplishments.

Tania Smits, Jimmy Smits’ daughter, is married to the love of her life, Bo Beasley, and has children. She appears to like her career and enjoys spending time with her family. Tania Smits-Beasley, Jimmy Smits’ daughter, is quite active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, as she appears to be rather outspoken about her life.

Both Jimmy Smits’ children, Joaquin Smits and Tania Smits, have established themselves in their lives. They are also incredibly proud of their father and frequently highlight his work on their social media accounts. We hope they are able to spend quality time together.

Jimmy Smits’ Children: What Do Their Names Mean?

Joaquin Smits, Jimmy Smits’ son: Joaquin is a Hebrew name that means “lifted by Yahweh.” Tania Smits, his daughter’s name, is Russian in origin and means “fairy queen.”

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