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Donnie Swaggart, Gabriel’s father, married his mother Debbie twice.

Donnie Swaggart, Gabriel’s father, married his mother Debbie twice.

Gabriel Swaggart, the assistant pastor of Family Worship Center, is a well-known evangelist. Gabriel Swaggart followed in his grandfather Jimmy Swaggart’s and father Donnie Swaggart’s footsteps. Both Jimmy and Donnie have a long list of headlines to their names: Jimmy for escort relationships, and Donnie for divorcing his second wife in order to marry his first.

Jimmy Swaggart’s Controversial Past

During the 1980s and 1990s, Jimmy Swaggart, the founder of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons. Photos of him with, say, a woman of the night spread after he forcefully called his contemporaries out for infidelity against their wives in 1988.

He was expelled from the Assemblies of God as a result of this scandalous disclosure. He continued as an independent preacher after that, until he was discovered with an escort in California three years later.

This may have been the final nail in his coffin, as he soon handed up the ministry to his son, Gabriel’s father, Donniel Swaggert.

Elaborate Marriages and Remarriage by Donnie Swaggart

Donnie, Gabriel’s father, followed in his father’s footsteps into the priesthood. Despite this, he maintained a low profile and continues to do so to this day. Despite his modest profile, news of his lavish marriages has made countless press headlines.

Debbie was his first wife, and he has three children with her: Gabriel, Mathew, and Jennifer. They divorced in 2003 after their marriage fell apart.

Swaggert and Judy tied the wedding later that year. This marriage, on the other hand, lasted only three years.

In late 2006, he married Debbie, his first wife, for the second time.

However, there have been no reports as to why he left his wife, went somewhere else, and then returned.

The Swaggart Family’s Current Situation

Both Jimmy and Donnie have great marriages with their wives and children as of today. Donnie expressed his gratitude for having a kid like Gabriel, saying that he and his wife are proud of him.

Pastor Gabriel, who is now the Ministry’s successor, shares these sentiments with his father. He has maintained a positive relationship with his family. He considers his wife, mother, and grandma to be the three most significant ladies in his life and enjoys spending time with them.