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Donald Lawrence, a gospel singer, finds companionship in a dog rather than a wife.

Donald Lawrence, a gospel singer, finds companionship in a dog rather than a wife.

Donald Lawrence, a Grammy Award-winning American gospel music songwriter and vocalist, does not appear to be interested in sharing his fame and fortune with a significant other. Despite his achievements, the 59-year-old has not even hinted at a potential romance, nor has he revealed any explanations for his commitment to single life.

Lawrence’s life, including his suspected relationship, his faith in God, brief professional facts, and how he manages his single life, is detailed below.

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Suggestions from the Internet Donald Lawrence has been dating Kim McFarland for a while now.

Donald Lawrence was reportedly in a relationship with singer Kim McFarland in the past, according to websites such as MarriedBiography and Whodatedwho. The reports, however, appear to be unfounded, as Lawrence and McFarland have never confirmed the rumors.

For almost a decade, McFarland, who is also the founder of Unity Fellowship Church, has toured and performed with Donald Lawrence and his band. She began singing at the age of three, joined the Soul Children of Chicago at 15, became a member of Thompson Community Singers at 18, and recorded her debut song, ‘For the Good of Them,’ according to the Sioux City Journal. Although Kim has worked with Lawrence, it does not appear that their relationship has progressed beyond that.

McFarland has been married to Chris Anderson, her spouse, since 1995. She was also a grandma in 2008, having already given birth to four stepchildren. As a result, the stories of her being with Lawrence seem improbable.

Donald Lawrence is a devout Christian.

Donald Lawrence, who lived in Cincinnati and worked as the Minister of Music at Southern Baptist Church, is a fervent believer in God. His musical compositions, as well as the posts he puts on his social media accounts, demonstrate his faith and devotion to God.

‘God,’ ‘Say A Prayer,’ ‘Call On Jesus,’ and other songs written by the Charlotte, NC native over the years include ‘God,’ ‘Say A Prayer,’ and ‘Call On Jesus.’ — all of which strive to share the positive message of God’s word while also demonstrating his confidence in God.

Lawrence also supports and appreciates musicians whose music is inspired by God and his spiritual message.

In one of such cases, on November 27, 2020, he announced that vocalist Blanche McAllister’s track, Words, was now available in all formats and encouraged his Instagram followers to listen to it.

That is only one example of the 15-time Grammy nominee’s frequent promotion of religious music and works.

Lawrence Shares His Home With His Adorable Dog Deja

Living alone can be difficult at times, but it is not so when you have a buddy or companion by your side.

While Donald Lawrence’s life is likewise devoid of a companion or wife, he has found a friend in Deja, his gorgeous dog.

The 59-year-old musician is known for posting photos of his dog Deja with beautiful captions. Well, some days he calls her ‘love,’ and other days he clothes her in a bright collar.

All of these beautiful little details reveal that Deja, the gospel musician’s friend, has kept him occupied at home.