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Does Liza Koshy Have a Girlfriend? Details of Her Dating Life

Does Liza Koshy Have a Girlfriend? Details of Her Dating Life

Liza Koshy’s humorous videos and skits dominated YouTube in the mid-2010s. She rose to stardom on Vine, where she gained a large following.

After Vine, she moved her focus to YouTube, where she quickly became one of the most popular creators. After numerous popular videos and collaborations, Koshy finally made the transition from YouTube to mainstream media.

Her charming demeanor and amusing character drew the attention of not only her followers but also big stars in the entertainment business like Anna Wintour.

However, one occurrence influenced Koshy’s decision to change careers: her breakup with fellow YouTuber David Dobrik.

David Dobrik and Liza Koshy

In 2014, Koshy relocated to Los Angeles to seek a career in social media. She quickly discovered the Vine community and met Dobrik. Their relationship began, but it quickly evolved into something more when sparks flew between them.

The couple started dating in 2015. Their fans and following adored them, and the YouTubers didn’t shy away from flaunting their relationship on YouTube and Instagram.

Their relationship, unfortunately, did not last. On June 4, 2018, Koshy and Dobrik broke their followers’ hearts by uploading an emotional video.

The video has subsequently been removed from the internet.

The two disclosed that they had broken up, bawling their eyes out.

To make matters worse (or sadder), Dobrik admitted that the couple had broken up at the start of 2018. They chose to keep their breakup private.

Koshy was the one who requested the breakup for numerous reasons. She recognized that the pair was neglecting problems in their relationship.

There was a gap between them because they were both nearing the pinnacle of their careers. A busy schedule also made it difficult for them to maintain a good connection.

Koshy eventually decided to take the initiative and cut the cord. Regardless, the two admitted that they still cared about each other and would be there for each other if required.

Is Liza Koshy in a relationship?

Koshy has not acknowledged dating anyone since Dobrik. However, after Koshy shared a video titled “I’m IN RELATIONSHIP” in February 2020, there was speculation that Anthony Ramos was her boyfriend.

Later, it was revealed that Koshy and Ramos were simply collaborating on a music video for the song “Relationship” from the film A Star Is Born.

Koshy had stayed silent about her relationship with Dobrik since their first meeting. However, she recently admitted on The Ellen Show in October 2021 that she was back on the dating scene.

The YouTuber admitted that she uses the Raya dating app to find a boyfriend and that she is visualizing one for herself.

Is Liza Koshy dating someone?

After she tweeted an adorable photo with her personal trainer, Jenna Willis, many of Koshy’s fans and following assumed she had a girlfriend. Koshy wished Willis a happy birthday on Instagram on June 17, 2021.

Koshy said in the captions, “One day, I hope to see you at the end of the aisle… I’m just not sure which character you’ll play.” Many assumed that Koshy had come out and that Willis was her girlfriend.

Willis responded to the article by saying, “3, 6, 8, swipes. We did it, baby! Drop the mic!” “Damn girl, you a lucky one,” someone observed to the personal trainer, to which Willis replied, “agreed.”

This conversation heightened the rumors to the point where Koshy became a Twitter trending topic. After seeing her fans stress out, the YouTuber changed the caption to clarify the situation.

She asked Willis if she wanted to be Koshy’s officiant, usher, flower girl, or a “ridic gorgeous bridesmaid,” putting an end to the girlfriend rumors once and for all.