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Does Cha Eun-woo Have a Girlfriend? The Truth Behind the Kiss Mark on Cha Eun-Neck woo’s

Does Cha Eun-woo Have a Girlfriend? The Truth Behind the Kiss Mark on Cha Eun-Neck woo’s

Cha Eun-recent woo’s Instagram post has gone viral, with one of the photos showing him with a kiss mark on his neck.

Eun-woo, born Lee Dong-min, posted a series of photos on Instagram on August 15, 2021, including one showing a hickey on his neck, leading many admirers to speculate about his prospective relationship or girlfriend.

But this was not the case! Those photos were taken after Eun-boy woo’s band Astro, which includes MJ, Jinjin, Moon Bin, Rocky, Yoon San-ha, and him, won its first award on The Show on August 10 for the song “After Midnight.”

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The Truth About Eun-Kiss woo’s

Jinjin, one of the six members of the band, kissed all of his bandmates to convey his satisfaction and celebrate the success of their latest hit.

Many others, including Eun-woo, refused to be kissed, but Jinjin managed to get his lips on the necks of his bandmates. Jinjin seems to have planned the hickey gesture because he arrived at the gathering wearing red lipstick.

While some believed Eun-woo had been kissed by his possible lover, others already knew the truth.

“JinJin gave the kiss mark following the first win at the music bank. The encore is available on YouTube “On the South Korean singer’s Instagram post, a fan noted.

Another person added, “Do you want to know where that kiss mark came from? Now, STAND ASTRO. You’ll know for sure.” For their ninth extended play Switch On’s title single ‘After Midnight,’ Eun-woo and his bandmates received a total of four awards.

As previously noted, the first win was on The Show on August 10, followed by the second win on Show Champion on August 11, the third win on Music Bank on August 13, and the fourth and final win on Show! Music Core on August 14.

Is Eun-woo dating anyone now, though?

Eun-woo, who is also an actor and a model, is rumored to be single at the moment because there is no public information about him dating a girlfriend or partner. He’s also not gay, according to reports.

He does, however, want to marry and start a family. During his participation in the February 7 edition of SBS’s Master in the House, he expressed this passionately.

“I have a strong desire to marry. Finding a companion with whom you can disclose your flaws is difficult. I’m envious of the thought that a spouse and family can provide that for you “He said this just before crying.

Other celebrities on the show, such as Yang Se-Hyung and Lee Seung-gi, tried to console Eun-woo, but he claimed he was looking for someone with whom he could share his deepest emotions and be understood.

Finding such a person in his life would be a major accomplishment, he remarked, more than love or marriage. When Eun-woo and the other show’s actors were asked to write their wedding invitations, he wrote,

We wish Eun-woo well in finding his particular someone.