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DO NOT CALL E.T.S ‘ALIEN’ ANYMORE, GUYS… It’s Offensively Inappropriate!!! : Demi Lovato

DO NOT CALL E.T.S ‘ALIEN’ ANYMORE, GUYS… It’s Offensively Inappropriate!!! : Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has an out-of-this-world viewpoint that is sure to capture people’s attention: they believe we should stop using the term “alien” when discussing extraterrestrials… seriously.

During an interview with Australian source, the pop diva made the strange plea to us earthlings, claiming that the name “alien” is objectionable in and of itself… even when it refers to actual would-be aliens from outer space… who may or may not be zipping around above us.

Demi is promoting a new Peacock special called “Unidentified,” in which they and their friends go seeking proof of Martians and appear to find something.

They said this when discussing their E.T. project… “If there was anything out there that wanted to do that to us, I believe it would have happened by now. However, I believe we should cease referring to them as aliens, as aliens is a disparaging phrase for anyone.” DL continues, “That’s why I prefer to refer to them as ETs! So there’s a small tidbit there. I learned a little bit of stuff.”

Demi doesn’t seem to have gotten this information from the mothership or anything, so it’s unclear whether aliens are offended by humans referring to them as “foreigners,” as the term implies.

Of course, when applied to real individuals — such as immigrants to the United States — the term has a negative connotation, which is why some have suggested instead using terms like “undocumented” and the like, which are more kosher.

With that said, Demi’s demand that we stop using the phrase — which has been in use in this nation for at least a century or more — when discussing otherworldly beings is completely ludicrous.