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Displacing Adam Busby’s ‘OutDaughtered’ Dad Cheating Rumors

Displacing Adam Busby’s ‘OutDaughtered’ Dad Cheating Rumors

Adam and Danielle Busby, stars of the TLC reality series OutDaughtered, have opened up about their lives. Adam, his wife, and his six daughters are extensively followed by the show, thus the audience is constantly interested in the family.

Additionally, due to the attention the family receives from the show’s viewers, suspicions about Adam cheating on his wife and LGBT allegations appeared simultaneously. However, the father of six daughters has disproved them by telling the truth.

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How Adam Busby addressed rumors of cheating

Adam and Danielle became well-known after appearing in the 2015 film OutDaughtered, which followed their lives after they welcomed five kids. Fans were riveted by several moments, but many found Adam’s failure to call his wife on Valentine’s Day to stand out.

The incident, in which he neglected to call his wife on Valentine’s Day, gave rise to several rumors and conjectures. He was apparently unfaithful to his wife in the more serious instance. The problem was made worse by the fact that Adam seemed to be working late in the following episodes.

While subsequently admitting to ABC that he was battling postpartum depression, Adam reassured his fans that he and Danielle were still inseparable.

Adam acknowledged the widespread stigma associated with postpartum depression. He once believed that those who suffer from depression are weak. He wasn’t even aware that he was having PPD issues until a friend brought it up. He told his tale specifically in the hopes that it will assist other fathers going through comparable circumstances.

The Road Adam and Danielle Took Before “OutDaughtered”

As the first parents of all-female quintuplets since 1969, Adam and Danielle joined OutDaughtered in 2016. But the couple has been together for a lot longer, starting in 2003.

When both Adam and his wife were employed by Target in their native Lake Charles, Louisiana, in 2003, they first got to know one another there. After being dumped on their first date, she consented to another.

Adam proposed to Danielle on Christmas Eve, the day after her birthday, after two years of dating. She admitted on her blog that the proposal had utterly taken her by surprise.

The couple wed in 2006, and on April 5, 2011, Blayke, their first child, was born. Danielle gave birth to the quintuplets on April 8, 2015, four years later: Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Page, and Parker Kate.