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Did You Know Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Is A Father Of Four Children?

Did You Know Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Is A Father Of Four Children?

Dan Reynolds, the rockstar and vocalist of the indie band ‘Imagine Dragons,’ is married to Aja Volkman, the frontwoman of the independent rock band Nico Vega, with whom he has played in an indie duo called ‘Egyptian.’ The pair married in 2011 and divorced in April of this year. They reconciled in early 2019 after some marriage counseling, and they have been going strong since then.

Arrow Eve Reynolds, Coco Rae Reynolds, Gia James Reynolds, and a son called Valentine Reynolds are the couple’s four children. Let’s take a closer look at Dan Reynolds’ children.

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Arrow, Dan Reynolds’ daughter Eve Reynolds is a writer who lives in the United

Arrow Eve Reynolds was born on August 18, 2012, to Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman. Both of her parents are artists, with her father Dan Reynolds being the main vocalist of Imagine Dragons and her mother Aja Volkman being the lead vocalist of Nico Vega, respectively. The year they married, they even created a duo rock indie band. Arrow was born in 2011 after her parents had been married for a year. Baby Arrow has been going to her papa’s concerts with her mother Aja since she was a child. Arrow Eve Reynolds may have received the gene from her musician parents.

Arrow’s father, Dan Reynolds, and his rock indie band, Night Visions, charted in 2012 with the track “Radioactive.” We can assume that the arrival of baby Arrow spurred father Dan to compose amazing lyrics and work well with the rest of the group in the industry.

Gia James and Coco Rae Reynolds, Dan Reynolds’ twin daughters

Gia James and Coco Rae Reynolds, Dan Reynolds’ twin children, were born on March 28, 2017. Gia James Reynolds was born at 8 a.m., weighing six pounds, two ounces, and Coco Rae Reynolds was born at 8:12 a.m., weighing six pounds, two ounces. Papa Dan and mama Aja told People that the hours leading up to the twins’ delivery were the most wonderful, restless, overwhelming, and fulfilling of their life, and that they couldn’t be more in love with their daughters.

Twins Dan Reynolds, Gia and Coco’s father, also said that they named their baby Gia after mommy Aja’s brother Gino, who is half-Italian. They chose Gia because they wanted to give her a genuine Italian name. They chose the name Coco for their kid because they liked the sound of it.

Dan Reynolds has fraternal twin daughters, Gia James Reynolds and Coco Rae Reynolds. Aja Volkman’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Arrow Eve Reynolds, Papa Dan’s eldest daughter, has previously stated that she constantly cares after her younger sisters Gia and Coco and spends a lot of time playing together.

Valentine Reynolds, Dan Reynolds’ son

Valentine Reynolds was born on October 1, 2019, the year his parents, Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman, reconciled following their April 2018 divorce announcement. Only two months after their reunion, the couple returned after some therapeutic sessions and mutual understanding, and announced the birth of their newborn son to the world. Valentine was revealed to be named in commemoration of the victims of the Las Vegas incident. He must be treated like a little prince by everyone because he is the only son born into a family of three females.

Despite his hectic schedule, Dan Reynolds has always made time for his wife Aja Volkman and their four children. He’d also declared that he’d be taking a sabbatical from Imagine Dragons for a while to focus on being a father, husband, and friend. According to the couple’s Instagram, they have a wonderful family bond and have been focusing on creating memories with their children.

The Meaning of Dan Reynolds’ Children’s Names

Arrow, Dan Reynolds’ daughter Eve Reynolds (Eve Reynolds): Arrow is an English name that means “a projectile fired from a bow.” Eve’s middle name comes from the Hebrew word “eve,” which means “to live.”

Gia James Reynolds, Dan Reynolds’ daughter: Gia is an Italian name that translates to “God is Merciful.” James’ middle name is derived from the Hebrew name Jacobs, which means “supplanter” or “follower.”

Coco Rae Reynolds, Dan Reynolds’ daughter: Coco is an American name that means “chocolate bean.” Rae, the middle name, is Hebrew in origin and meaning “ewe.”

Valentine Reynolds, Dan Reynolds’ son: Valentine is a Latin name that means “strong and healthy.”

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