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Did Teyana Taylor have any tattoos that were incomplete? Take a look at her collection of body art.

Did Teyana Taylor have any tattoos that were incomplete? Take a look at her collection of body art.

Teyana Taylor is a dancer, singer, actor, director, and model who is married to NBA star Iman Shumpert.

Teyana and Iman, which airs on VH1, is the couple’s reality show. Junie Shumpert and Rue Rose Shumpert, their daughters, are the focus of the show.

Their admirers and followers adore Taylor and Iman’s friendship. The couple married on October 1, 2016, however, they had been dating for a few years before that.

In July 2019, the couple took part in GQ’s couples quiz, in which Taylor asked Iman 30 different questions. One of the questions she received was concerning her tattoos.

Teyana Taylor has a lot of tattoos on her body.

Taylor asked her NBA player husband how many tattoos she had on her body, and he was perplexed. The singer added that he should be aware of the situation because he had seen her body.

Iman said Taylor received ten tattoos after some thought and deliberation, but Taylor said she only had nine. Iman had the correct answer in the end because the singer had forgotten about a recent tattoo she had on her leg.

Iman then proceeded to mock his wife, claiming that she had no idea how many tattoos she had, whereas he did. She may have had some unfinished tattoos, but we don’t know if she ever finished them.

Here are all of Taylor’s tattoos that we are aware of on her body.

Design Inspired by Tribes

Taylor’s hip is decorated with a black-ink tribal motif. It stretches from her V-lines to the back of her neck. On her lower stomach, she has some tribal motifs as well.


On her left hip, the singer has a large tattoo depicting a woman with an afro. It’s a compliment to her tribal-style tattoo.


On her right biceps, Taylor has a diamond tattoo with the words “shine on you crazy jewel.” The lyrics are based on the same-named Pink Floyd song.

GOOD Music

Taylor has a tattoo on her left forearm honoring her previous record label, GOOD music. “Good / getting out our dreams,” it says. Above the text, an angel has been inked.

Since it was a record company logo, the angel is a tribute to GOOD music.

Butterfly and a Girl

Banksy, a well-known street artist, has tattooed the musician. A female shoot herself in the head is depicted in the tattoo. Instead of blood, red butterflies emerge from the aftermath of the gunshot.

It’s on her right side, and it reaches her breast.

Numerals in Roman

Taylor has a couple of Roman numeral tattoos near her breasts on her left side.

The Logo of the Rolling Stones

The singer tattooed The Rolling Stones’ distinctive emblem on her body as a tribute to the band. On the left side of her derriere, she gets the rock band’s lips and tongue insignia tattooed.

Bolt of Lightning

Taylor’s left underboob has a lightning bolt tattooed on it.

Bears in Gummy Form

On her right buttock, the reality TV personality has a tattoo of three gummy bears. The bears are red, yellow, and green in color, and they’re squished together.

This ink is designed to appear like the Guinean flag and depicts pan-African hues.

Other Inkings

The singer also has a few tattoos all over her body. For example, she has a pattern between her breasts and something written on her right arm.

Similarly, she revealed in the GQ video that she got a tattoo of something relating to her older daughter on her leg.