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Diane Ladd has finally found true happiness with her current spouse after two failed marriages.

Diane Ladd has finally found true happiness with her current spouse after two failed marriages.

Diane Ladd, a three-time Oscar nominee, has experienced a lot of personal setbacks. But it is all in the past, and because of her current husband, she is now in a much better position.

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Life of Ladd and Her Current Partner

Robert Charles Hunter and the seasoned actor are currently wed. Her third husband is Hunter, a corporate executive, author, speaker, and advisor.

Even after 21 years of marriage and a marriage that began in 1999, the couple still appears to be much in love.

Both Ladd and Hunter have offspring from prior unions. However, they are now all a member of one giant family. In addition, every one of their children is a parent now, making the couple grandad and nana to all the grandchildren.

The couple enjoys spending time with their 10 grandchildren and lives in California. Now that they can show their grandchildren how to do things like climb a rock or build something on the beach, they appear to be living a happy life.

Ladd and her husband both acknowledged that they have a special bond with each of their 10 grandchildren and that spending time with them makes them the happiest.

An Examination of Her Prior Marriages

Actor Bruce Dern, to whom Ladd was married for nine years between 1960 and 1969, was her first husband. He and she are parents to two kids.

The actress has been very vocal about the dissolution of her marriage to him. The 85-year-old woman admitted during an interview with Parade magazine that the death of their first child caused the breakdown of her first marriage.

Their daughter drowned at the age of 18 months and was their family’s firstborn. The ex-couple struggled to recover from the catastrophe, but the pain of their loss tore them apart.

Additionally, she has acknowledged that losing her first child caused her to be an excessively protective parent toward Laura, their second daughter. Ladd, who was Laura’s guardian, still saw to it that she pursued her aspirations of being an actor.

Watching my kind, kind, talented, beautiful daughter who fights for all of us, the thoughtful mother wrote in a moving message beside a photo of her daughter on Instagram back in 2018. Laura, I’m so proud of you.

She still seems to be on good terms with her first husband, despite the fact that their first marriage did not last, to the point that she has directed him in a movie. She has even made light of the situation by joking that women who desire retaliation should target their ex-husbands.

The actress has also expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with him. She even cracked a joke about Dern not making a good husband but being a terrific actor.

William A. Shea, Jr. was Ladd’s second spouse, whom she wed four years after her first divorce. But again, it did not turn out well, and in 1976, she filed for divorce. He and she don’t have any kids together.