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Details on Tiny Harris’ Eye Surgery, from Brown to Ice-Gray

Details on Tiny Harris’ Eye Surgery, from Brown to Ice-Gray

Tiny Harris (Tameka Harris) is a singer-songwriter who rose to notoriety as a member of the Xscape group. T.I. Cottle, a rapper, was her first love, and the two married on July 30, 2010.

The couple had two boys, King and Major Philmont, and a daughter, Heiress Diana, throughout the last two decades. Harris had been seeing Zonnie Pullins before he met Cottle.

He and she have a daughter named Zonnique Pullins. Zonnique has a special relationship with her mother and has followed in many of her mother’s footsteps.

For example, she, like her mother, had eye surgery to change the color of her eyes.

Eye Surgery for Tiny Harris

In 2014, Harris permanently changed the color of her eyes. She announced the news on Instagram, where she showed off her new ice-gray irises in a photo.

The singer wrote in the captions that BrightOcular helped her change her eye color and thanked her doctors for making her “dream come true.” She got it because she despised using color contacts because they blurred her eyesight.

She acknowledged that eye procedures have hazards, but said the procedure she had had had posed no such dangers. After the treatment, she told People about her experience.

Around 2012, Harris heard from a friend about the possibility of permanently changing one’s eye color through surgery. They did some research, but the vocalist was apprehensive about doing it.

Two years later, the subject arose again, and Harris spoke with persons who had undergone eye surgery. She also sought medical advice and discovered that the process took only 15 minutes to complete and was “easy, painless, and fully safe.”

Furthermore, the operation was reversible, which was the singer’s selling point. The implant would mask the normal eye color and provide the appearance of a new one. She turned her brown irises ice-gray for Harris.

ABC News asked the singer about her surgeries. The procedure began with an incision into the eye to create a tiny slit through which the implants could be inserted. The implants were then folded before being put into the eye and fanned out.

When asked how Cottle felt about it, Harris expressed his concern. However, after hearing about all of her studies, the rapper agreed to let her have the procedure.

Eye Surgery by Zonnique Pullins

Pullins underwent the same eye surgery as her mother, but she later came to regret it. This was due to a doctor’s warning that the implants could lead her to go blind.

She changed her eye color from dark brown to greyish/blue, but afterward realized it wasn’t the greatest “in the long run.” She stated this when responding to an Instagram comment from a follower.

The fan questioned whether the color change was worthwhile, given that they were considering having the surgery done in Kenya. Pullins responded by noting that she got her eye surgery in Tunisia and would not suggest it.

“The experience wasn’t the best in the long run,” she remarked, “but everyone is different.” In an episode of T.I. & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle, she also discussed having her surgery reversed.