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Details about Morgan Brennan’s marriage to Matt Cacciotti at CNBC

Details about Morgan Brennan’s marriage to Matt Cacciotti at CNBC

The marriage of American journalist Morgan Brennan and her longtime lover Matt Cacciotti resulted in the birth of two children.

However, she has kept her motherhood and personal information about her kids to herself and has not posted any of their photos on social media. This is what we do know:

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In 2011, she wed Matt Cacciotti.

On August 6, 2011, Brennan wed Cacciotti in a private ceremony. Although it is unknown when they started dating, it appears from his Instagram photographs that things are still going well.

The Squawk Alley anchor correctly describes her husband as her best friend.

She shared a photo of them on Instagram on September 16, 2018. The couple could be spotted enjoying each other’s company while swinging at Orient Beach State Park. In the caption, she used the hashtag “best friends forever.”

Likewise, in another image published on July 14, 2019, she captioned for her spouse, “You’re my best buddy.”

The CEO and founder of the brokerage company Gold Street Trading Ltd. is her partner. MMC Trading’s president is Cacciotti as well.

They have two children.

Brennan and her husband have two children. A daughter, who is her oldest kid, was born in 2016. However, as of this writing, her second child’s birthday is unknown.

She had stated that she was expecting a child in July 2020 and that she would give birth in the middle of the summer. She then made a prenatal announcement on August 4, 2020, joking that she was “busy becoming a new parent again.”

It goes without saying that the CNBC anchor keeps her kids extremely private; she seldom ever shares updates or puts photos of them online.

She didn’t mention her children again until April 16, 2020. She tweeted a photo of her daughter riding a bike on social media and said that during the lockdown, her daughter had learned to ride a bike. The mother-of-two also remarked that the pandemic helped her to go quiet and rearrange her priorities.

Her Career and Parents

If not for a change of heart, Brennan would have become a celebrity in the musical world. She had aspirations of becoming successful in the music industry since she was a young kid, therefore after high school, she chose not to attend college.

However, her plans altered when she was in her early 20s, and she decided to become an anthropologist. She earned her degree in 2010 after studying the topic at New York University.

She became aware of the similarities between anthropology and journalism as she progressed through the course. She then decided to work in the media and did an internship at Newsweek International.

She started working at Forbes Media in 2009 as a video department assistant. She climbed the corporate ladder gradually and eventually rose to the position of network reporter. She joined the Forbes magazine staff as a real estate journalist in 2011.

Her parents taught her about the real estate industry well. Her mother was a realtor, while her father was a real estate developer. Her knowledge of the real estate sector, including inflation and the ensuing crash, literally developed as she matured.

She excelled in her job at Forbes thanks to her knowledge. The CNBC reporter soon began making frequent TV appearances as a guest on Forbes on Fox on Fox News and Weekends with Alex Witt on MSNBC.

She started working for CNBC as a general assignment correspondent in December 2013. In April 2018, she received a promotion to co-anchor the Squawk Alley program on CNBC.

She departed the program two years later and began hosting Squawk on the Street. She discusses a variety of subjects, including space, manufacturing, and defense. She has undoubtedly increased her net worth through compensation due to her expertise in the journalism industry.