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Despite hints at specifics, Chris McNally maintains his private relationship with his girlfriend.

Despite hints at specifics, Chris McNally maintains his private relationship with his girlfriend.

Chris McNally, who is best known for playing Lucas Bouchard in the Hallmark Channel drama When Calls the Heart, tends to keep his personal life quiet, especially when it comes to his romantic relationships.

However, there have been rumors that his co-star Julie Gonzalo is the actor’s girlfriend because of the repeated indications that he has a girlfriend.

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McNally Announced a Girlfriend

McNally is one of those famous people who want to keep his personal life private. However, it is difficult to conceal love relationships when you are a prominent celebrity with a sizable global fan base.

The Hallmark hero has mentioned his lover numerous times and their relationship, but he has never given her name. Additionally, McNally doesn’t share any images on his social media accounts that reveal anything about his private life.

However, it is said that he is happily dating Julie Gonzalo, his co-star in the 2018 Hallmark film Sweetest Heart.

But neither of them has agreed to it or rejected it.

The attractive actor shied away from the question of when he feels most seductive in an ET interview from 2019 and responded that he feels wonderful if his girlfriend deems him handsome. Additionally, he made the indication that they might be moving in together by saying that decorating their apartment is the most romantic thing he has ever done.

Gonzalo and he both had images of the same dogs.
When asked how he spends his free time in a 2019 interview with the LA Times, McNally revealed that whenever they go camping, he spreads out a folding tent and sets down a king-sized mattress for the couple and their two lovely dogs, Charlie and Bowie.

He had revealed to My Devotional Thoughts just a few months before that he and his girlfriend had each adopted a puppy.

Recently, Gonzalo posted a few images of McNally’s pets on her Instagram account. She shared a photo of her custom birthday cake in September 2019 on Instagram, featuring fondant figures of Bowie and Charlie on top of an Argentian shirt.

She was also spotted walking the dogs in the snow in March 2021.

Given that they both had photos of the same canines, it’s possible that Gonzalo is the woman McNally described having adopted the animals with.

Additionally, the Hallmark actor admitted he would dance with his lover in their living room during a 2019 discussion with NS News and that he wanted to learn some Salsa techniques because his partner is South American.

The fact that his girlfriend is South American gave away the fact that he is dating Gonzalo since she is also South American.

Couple: Real-life to Real-life Transition

On the sets of the Hallmark television program The Sweetest Hearts, McNally and Gonzalo first became co-stars. The camera, cosmetics, and hair testing dominated their initial meeting. Gonzalo wanted to talk about the scenes and, most importantly, get to know each other from the very beginning.

The actress revealed how she first met the wonderful actor in a 2018 interview with Fansided.

When asked how they created their on-screen chemistry, the actress said they spent time getting to know one another and meeting up after work to study lines. She continued by saying that she thought they had beautiful chemistry that had grown naturally and that they shared energy and space.

Not only that, but she also revealed a humorous anecdote about how Gonzalo’s character in the Hallmark film ran a cupcake bakery, and the two would exchange cupcakes between shots.

Gonzalo and McNally have never discussed their relationship in public, though, and we respect their desire to keep things private.