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Despite her mixed ancestry, ‘RHOP’ star Robyn Dixon identifies as black.

Despite her mixed ancestry, ‘RHOP’ star Robyn Dixon identifies as black.

Given her fair skin tone and green eyes, anyone would be astonished to learn that Robyn Dixon is a Black lady.

Despite a DNA test proving her European origins, Dixon cherishes her African roots.

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Robyn Dixon’s parents were both black.

Dixon’s supporters have always been bothered by her appearance; they don’t believe she is Black. Instead, they have been persuaded that she is the child of multiracial parents.

On March 27, 2016, a Twitter user named Lisa Marie questioned Dixon about her mixed identity.

To be biracial, a person must have parents of two different races, according to the television personality.

Although she admitted to having white blood, the Maryland native said that her parents, Guy Doc Bragg and Gladys Bragg, were both Black. As a result, she was also Black, not mixed.

Dixon has always been curious about her ancestors.

Dixon grew up with African-American parents who encouraged her to embrace her heritage, but she was met with mixed reactions from the start.

Her peers couldn’t believe she wasn’t white and had black parents. As a result, the 42-year-old was curious about the source of her distinctive traits.

She was also curious about her lineage because, while being from an African family, her mother had white skin and straight hair.

Dixon inherited her Caucasian traits from her mother, who suspected she had European, Native American, and Filipino ancestry but couldn’t prove it.

In a June 2017 interview with Bravo TV, the Real Housewives of Potomac actress said she was confident in her culture and identity, but she would love to learn more about her other ancestors.

Robyn Dixon is 39% African-American.

On June 2, 2019, Dixon revealed her ancestry results via Instagram. She shared a photo gallery of the test results, including her race %.

She is 39 percent African, with Mali and Congo as her birthplaces, according to the research.

The reality star is barely 1% Asian and 59% European. Her European ancestors are mostly from Western Europe and Ireland.

Dixon stated that she would never consider herself mixed or multiracial, regardless of the results.

She stated that she has always known she was never 100 percent black and that all African Americans, regardless of percentage, have European ancestry. She blamed the “evil white slavemasters who raped slaves for hundreds of years” for the African Americans’ European ancestry.

She wrote, “It’s nearly inevitable.” By extension, she refused to identify as mixed or biracial despite the fact that she was 59 percent European.

“I was reared in a proud Black household and would always be a proud Black lady,” Dixon said.

She stated that she just took the test to learn more about her past. She even encouraged her followers to take the ancestry test because she found it to be incredibly informative.