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Desmond Howard chooses to keep his wife and children out of the spotlight.

Desmond Howard chooses to keep his wife and children out of the spotlight.

Desmond Howard, the Super Bowl XXXI MVP, has been a college football analyst for ESPN since he retired in 2002. The former NFL player, who calls himself a “Michigan grad,” is very modest about his athletic accomplishments. I had some success with awards while playing football. I use Instagram to discuss football for a living (and have won a few awards doing it).

He does, however, sincerely take pride in his family. When Howard doesn’t talk about business, he frequently writes on social media about his sons. Nevertheless, he would rather his wife and daughter remain anonymous.

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Howard’s Children Number Three

After a very fruitful career, Howard left the NFL in 2002. the significant next move in his life after quitting the sport? Marriage.

On May 31, 2003, they got married. Sydney, Dhamir, and Desmond Jr. are the couple’s two boys; Sydney is their daughter.

The former NFL star’s sons are frequently seen on his social media. There, he can be seen spending time with or surprising his sons with a PS5.

A Happy Dad

The sports analyst is not reluctant to flaunt his sons in front of the public. A day after his birthday, on May 16, 2019, Howard released a video of his son Desmond Jr. accepting an award, and he couldn’t be happier. He added the hashtags “#ProudFather” and “#HappyBirthday” to his Twitter message, calling it the nicest birthday present he has ever gotten.

In addition, Howard makes an effort to be a good dad and has talked about setting an example for his kids. Even referring to his sons as his sous chefs, he said in a tweet that one of his favorite ways to bond with them is through cooking.

Regarding His Daughter and Wife, He Hasn’t Posted

Howard has chosen not to share any information about his wife and daughter on social media for an unspecified reason. You can find a variety of posts about his profession and amusing videos on his social media pages, but there aren’t many about the ladies in his life.

Funk, his wife, has shared some images of their daughter, though.

The Dead Joke by Scott Torgerson Angered Howard’s Wife

The wife of the football commentator was pretty upset by Scott Torgerson’s joke on an Ohio radio station back in 2012. In a tweet, Torgerson expressed his desire for Howard, a former player for Ohio State’s main rival Michigan, to be fired or pass away so that he could watch ESPN College GameDay once more.

Later, Torgerson expressed regret for his tweet, but Rebkah wasn’t satisfied with it. She expressed her displeasure by saying, “Thx for the ‘apologizes,'” in a mocking manner.